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MY BITCOIN: 19WnEPwjRHnnfiDpVFUni1A2Amqvxy4gud

49 thoughts on “๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒ€2018 BEST LENSES & CAMERAS PICK !!! ๐ŸŒ€๐ŸŒ 

  1. The GFX is incredible, my university has 2 of them and wow! We also have Mamiya Leafโ€™s and some Hassleblad H3dโ€™s and while I still love the file output of the H3d, itโ€™s now my go to camera if I want the best image quality. The H3dโ€™s colour rendition is better but itโ€™s a massive slow camera in comparison, the GFX is no bigger than a pro grade DSLR, medium format rules ๐ŸคŸ 35mm isnโ€™t full frame ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. i used Voigtlรคnder on my trip to japan, shocked by the performance of the lens, its tiny , focus ring is smooth , incrideble sharpness wide open at f1.2 beautiful color, just cant imagine how they made it and its price is a bargain due to the quality

  3. And Iโ€™m not trying to pick a fight but I find it hard to believe you donโ€™t get any kick backs with how many people you get to buy certain products. How do we know that you donโ€™t get kick backs from fugi film or Tamron ?

  4. Good video and worth listening too as always. Just some random thoughts though from it. Based on your thoughts on the 50 mm focal length and making it a lens of the year is interesting. There has been some pretty good 50mm glass made. And a 40 mm which is less boring but not as good… And these are prob. lenses not many people at all will buy (doesn't mean they are the best). And then we have some Fuji Film things and some other things I have already forgotten. Bottom line to me. It has been an epic bad year if these are the stars.

  5. Dear Ken. Question for you: I own a X-T2 and am in the process of exchanging my X-T1 for a X-T3. I have a few great lenses (5) that you recommended but, that XF 80 f2.8 is really talking to me. I also have been wishing to get the XF16 f1.4.
    SHOULD I FIRST BUY THE XF80 OR THE X-T3? I can't afford both. thank you…

  6. I used to like Fujifilm very much but now not anymore. Their medium format cameras are bloated full frames – It is a marketing hype. The sensor size comes not even close to a 645. The sensor is 80% bigger than full frame but 36% smaller than a 645 sensor. The Fujifilm lenses are slower than full frame lenses in comparisson. Btw Mitakon released a press anouncement of a 65 f1.4 for gfx because Fuji cannot do it.

    Phase One offers sensor backs up to 150MP, high speed sync with leafshutter lenses, which is more energy efficent, had a 10GB Ethernet connection on-bord.

    Yes, $4500 is cheap compared to Phase One but then I would go Nikon because you get a fuller set of gear.

    You are drooling too much about Fujifilm

  7. A little story for you, kids. On Instagram there is a very talented street photographer, named Sixstreetunder.
    He is a Fuji shooter for quite a bit of time.
    He tried the Sony for a bit, but he hated it with passion. "A camera made by somebody that has never seen a camera".
    Returned to the beloved Fuji, he recently stepped up to a Leica M10.
    Sure a fun camera to shoot with, and a deserved prize for his success.
    He loves a lot that camera. He takes great pics with it. (He still have his xpro2 and x100F).
    After about a month the Laica is now already in reparation: "a stripe of burn pixels at 1600iso".
    End of the story ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. You never ended up reviewing the new Tamron 15-30mm G2. Given the G1 version was a former Lens of the Year, and Tamron's G2 series have thus far been impressive improvements over their first generation counterparts, I'd be curious how it would hold up to the Voigtlander and Fuji lens you named.

  9. Hi Ken, thanks for another educational and entertaining video. I agree with you completely on your assessment of Nikon and Canon's latest mirrorless offerings. Wishing you Happy Holidays and a great and prosperous new year.

  10. Hi Ken, a question, somebody is selling a D800e for $995.00 with under 9,000 clicks, is this a good buy???, please let me know it will be my 2018-Xmas present…………………Thanks in advance

  11. A big thumbs up for your choices – I love my X-T3 as a companion to the GFX 50S, and the GF45mm f2.8 and GF 250mm f4 are stellar lenses. Still undecided about the 8-16mm f2.8 ; it's not that I don't trust your judgement but I tend not to shoot ultra-wide plus it's not as easy to use filters with.

  12. Ken, just a quick thank you for not infesting your reviews with meaningless numbers. Too many reviews are written by people who've become overly habituated to the brain areas where the multiplication tables are stored. As a utility photographer for 52 years, I like to hear about gear that just works. Sometimes I wish it weren't so – I love the X-T20 too much for stills and the GoPro Hero 7 Black for video. In a completely separate and unrelated matter – would you review Capture One? I hesitate to spend the money as I find Fuji's own X Raw Studio a good choice. Does Capture One produce accurate Fuji film simulations?

  13. I'm delighted with my XT-3! Fujifilm /Fujinon are really setting the pace in both the camera body and lens domains. It's a case not just of superlative products but of a whole 'ecosystem'! Phenomenal support and backup and the bar-raising practice of offering regular firmware upgrades that don't just fix 'bugs' but which generate – over a couple of years – a whole 'new and better' camera are crucial factors. It's a classic case of 'the whole being more and better than the sum of the parts'! Eagerly awaiting my XF 8-16mm lens.(The XT-2, by the way, is no slouch- a fabulous camera in its own right!) You're spot on target Ken!

  14. I like that you are NOT an ass kissing people pleaser. Nuttier than squirrel poop sometimes but I value your info and opinion… if I had a spare buck Iโ€™d donate it to you. I donโ€™t ๐Ÿ˜•….. keep on keeping on just as you are.

  15. in my opinion:
    4/3 – panasonic gh5s
    apsc – fujifilm xt-3
    35mm – panasonic sr1 or sony ฮฑ7 III
    dslr – nikon d850
    compact – sony rx 100 VI

    wide angle zoom – leica sl 16-35
    wide angle – sony 24GM
    standard – zeiss batis 40mm
    telephoto – canon 70-200 III
    super tele – sony 400GM or fuji 200 for mf


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