📉 Market Dumps Once more!!! What Will Occur in 2019?!? MORE Anti-Crypto FUD & Manipulation!

Why is Bitcoin crashing once more?!? Why is crypto so unstable? What does 2019 maintain in retailer for crypto? Mainstream media’s anti-crypto FUD, new traders afraid of $BTC volatility, banks trying in direction of digital asset custody, Kucoin provides $XRP buying and selling pairs, Wyoming blockchain invoice, crypto information, and extra!

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0:15 Markets (don’t look…)
1:16 Feed IOTA (MIOTA) Sheep: https://www.myiota.life/live-page/
1:40 Can BTC snap Three 12 months December streak? https://www.coindesk.com/will-bitcoin-price-snap-three-year-december-winning-streak
2:53 Paul Donavan hates crypto: https://www.coininsider.com/cnbc-paul-donovan-interview/
5:05 Media sentiment not static: https://www.newsbtc.com/2018/12/03/why-does-mainstream-media-spread-so-much-crypto-fud/
6:30 Anti-crypto FUD: https://www.livebitcoinnews.com/report-exposes-anti-crypto-fud-pushed-by-mainstream-media/
8:26 George Soros quote: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DfA9SwPWAAEw98I.jpg
9:08 Volatility is cryptos largest drawback: https://bitcoinafrica.io/2018/12/03/new-study-shows-crypto-volatility-biggest-barrier-to-mainstream-adoption/
10:55 What to anticipate in 2019? https://cryptovest.com/options/crypto-markets-wont-do-anything-in-2019and-thats-a-good-thing-top-3-trends-in-crypto-for-2019/
13:44 Banks trying in direction of digital custody: https://dailyhodl.com/2018/12/02/ripple-ceo-banks-will-hold-crypto-assets-like-xrp-on-behalf-of-their-customers-in-2019/
14:37 Kucoin provides XRP buying and selling pairs: https://www.cryptoglobe.com/newest/2018/12/kucoin-adds-xrp-trading-pairs/
15:31 Blocknet (BLOCK) skinny pockets: https://twitter.com/The_Blocknet/standing/1068197504234139648
15:43 Authentic XRouter article: https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/blocknet-xrouter-a-blockchain-router-to-decentralize-the-internet/
16:17 Zero-knowledge proofs on Ethereum? https://outdated.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/feedback/a2fpwm/zcash_and_monero_have_been_turned_into_an/
16:47 David Hay rip-off: https://i.imgur.com/IefOHwc.jpg
17:17 ⚠️ Crypto Zombie FAKE Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thecryptozombie/
17:51 AriseBank SCAM: https://disruptblock.com/cryptocurrency/arisebank-chief-arrested-charged-crypto-scam/#
18:39 Twitter responds to SEC: https://www.newsbtc.com/2018/12/03/mcafee-unfazed-after-sec-says-promoting-ico-without-disclosing-pay-is-fraud/
20:07 STOs unlawful in Beijing: https://www.coindesk.com/security-token-offerings-illegal-says-beijing-financial-watchdog
21:36 Kakao ICO: https://cointelegraph.com/information/koreas-largest-internet-firm-kakao-is-running-a-crypto-ico-that-is-not-subject-to-sec-scrutiny
22:06 Arbitage vs Mining: https://coindoo.com/bitcoin-arbitrage-vs-mining-which-is-more-profitable/
22:37 Mine whilst you sleep: https://www.cryptoglobe.com/newest/2018/12/asus-partners-with-quantumcloud-to-offer-gamers-zero-effort-gpu-mining/
23:25 Calastone migrates to blockchain: https://www.ccn.com/investment-funds-network-to-migrate-entire-system-to-blockchain-in-2019/
24:07 Wyoming passes blockchain invoice: https://bitcoinist.com/wyoming-passes-blockchain-bank-bill-despite-industry-opposition/

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“Blockchain Is Extra Than a Market. It’s a Motion!” SEC Targets Crypto Influencers! G20 Summit $BTC

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22 thoughts on “📉 Market Dumps Once more!!! What Will Occur in 2019?!? MORE Anti-Crypto FUD & Manipulation!

  1. Zilliqa will be a good crypto investment to get in right now! It specializes in scalability for cryptos all together and their main net launches January 30th 2019. Crypto Zombie curious what your take is for Zilliqa going forward price wise from where it is right now.

  2. Thanks for the video K-Dub!

    I really admire the effort you put into research of the news.
    Plus, the fact don't you don't shill any projects too is great.

    I definitely think that you are one of the more positive yet realistic youtubers!

  3. Reason why mostly negative news are reported is that most news about crypto are negative 😛

    What is your suggestion? That they should make up news so that crypto is seen in more positive light?

  4. Crypto volatility will decrease as more and more people trade, and use it. I don't know the market cap of USD/EUR or the fiat trading capital, but when crpto reaches it, it will have similar stability/no volatility.

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