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► Crypto Exchanges Are Dealing with The Largest Regulatory Hurdle But – https://www.bloomberg.com/information/articles/2019-06-11/crypto-exchanges-are-facing-biggest-regulatory-hurdle-yet
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28 thoughts on “🔥Every day Crypto Information: Fb White-Paper | BOMB Token | BTC Dealer Suicide | CCN Is Alive | Extra!

  1. 00:13 Introduction: Legacy Financial System VS Bitcoin / Gold
    05:25 Market Cap Overview
    07:55 BTC Resistance Levels
    09:04 Longs VS Shorts
    09:56 Suicide Or Scam: Trader Loses 15.6m In Risky Leveraged Bet
    12:36 Crypto Exchanges Face Biggest Regulatory Hurdle Yet
    17:46 Coinbase Card Is Now Available In 6 More European Countries
    19:17 Birkshire Hathaway's Returns Are Eclipsed By Bitcoin
    22:25 20 Year Old Erik Finman Is Launching The 'Acorns' For Crypto "CoinBits"
    24:37 CCN / Google Update: Journalistic FUD?
    28:45 Facebook Coin Whitepaper / Zuckerberg Privacy Controversy
    31:45 BOMB Token
    33:46 Conclusion
    34:50 Quote of the Day: Thomas Shulz

  2. I don't trust fb, and never will. However, i use it. Libra will almost instantly make a couple billion people, that think crypto is a scam, realize that it is real and going to be part of all of our lives. I think that is going to drive BTC past the moon. Since everyone uses fb, Libra will probably be very user friendly. I sure wont look at it as a great investment or HODL, but i will probably use it.

  3. Good info 👌and glad that you’re back!

    Folllwing Polow da Don Young Country Łitecoin radio ad campaign, more positive Łitecoin news from Łitecoin advocate and Film Producer Kyle Tekiela aka Common Enemy overleaf -, see also re Pia Mia

  4. Google's core algorithm update has hurt crypto websites tremendously. The site I work for: investinblockchain.com is down in the rankings considerably now and we've lost 80% of our traffic overnight… It's not even profitable for us to operate anymore and journalists like me now need to find work elsewhere. It sucks. I think CCN's article was spot on but they are big enough to survive and be profitable so ya, I think it was a PR stunt

  5. Great to see you back and thanks for the all the updates. Could you talk about how DEXs are immune from the proposed laws regarding providing customer info for exchanges. Could the regulators get the DEX domains shut down if they don't comply?

  6. I'm also a holder of #BOMB, but when I saw the last pump, I dumped half my [airdropped] holdings (~$11). I plan on dumping the rest soon, as well. I have one gripe with BOMB, they destroy your tokens, your ability to transfer value. Let's say you 3 BOMB and in this fictional universe, BOMB is worth $10,000 USD each. If you want to transfer 1 to someone, you actually have to transfer 2, because one is destroyed in transit. Now the receiver, if they don't already hold BOMB has a worthless $10,000 token… they can't transfer it… it'll get destroyed, and guess what… that one BOMB left in your wallet, also a worthless $10,000 token. You didn't transfer value, you burned it all. If BOMB really wanted to test this model, they'd destroy treasury tokens instead of user tokens… or at the VERY least, actually destroy only 1% of the transfer as they purport, which is simply not true, since sending 2 tokens results in the receiver getting 1 token. In short, good idea, but shoddily implemented and it I believe it will die a horrible death. I'm getting out… get while the getting is good!

  7. If you have sucidal thoughts why would you call some hotline tho?? Why mark yourself a target like that? Know this… They shoot people with depression and they shoot homeless and they shoot mentally retarded people like it's just life in the big city. Byor.. Regulate thyself

  8. Actually they can read minds with their smart dust and nanobots so the brain wallet isn't really a sure bet.. I feel like everyone is shilling ledger.. Their site is sketchy af.. And plus when you move your crypto then uncle sam is gonna want to come after you. Just hodl them coins or keep them keys on laminated paper wallets until fiat shrivels up and the dust settles

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