🤗 GFX & Street journey to sunny ☀️ Florida

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44 thoughts on “🤗 GFX & Street journey to sunny ☀️ Florida

  1. I live in South Florida. we have free NLP workshops every other week. You would be a great asset to these workshops and I am sure you would learn something also. You speak my language so I know your level of intellect.

  2. I use a Flipside 500 bag. I found the 300 to be slightly small in case I need to take a small Glidecam which fits in the 500. If I need less gear, I use a Thinktank Digital Holster 10 which can take a camera with quite a large lens or two smaller.

  3. Hello sir bravo for your Channel. I would know what is thé Best ultra Lens (vintage if there is) i saw the canon mpe65mm Never saw like that in nikon or fuji veryyy impressive !

  4. I am a GFX owner, who does not have the 32-64mm! I didn't bother to double same focal lengths in my bag, although it is a fantastic lens (I need the shutter speeds and/or lower ISOs f/2.8 can give me). Might buy one, when I have all the primes I want.

  5. Farewall my man, by the way, DP review once again proves to be a non serious reviewer, they post the score of the new Z6 and is lower to the Z7 and that my friend is a lie, there's no way… All reviewers were so happy with the Z6 performance and said that is a better camera than z7 and there go's DP and do what you been saying for years DP reviews is not a good source of info…. Smhh

  6. go on vacation, leave on probation, and then go back on violation. It's the state motto… bring your lawyer. Florida cops are very aggressive and also dicks.

  7. “Beautiful… SUNNY… Florida.”

    (Can’t get Darren Miles’ voice out of my head when I hear those words.)

    A little warmer than… Arse-Crack Idaho, ‘eh? 🥶


  8. Hey Ken, I got the Tamron 70-200 f2.8 (the version prior to the G2), should I upgrade to the G2? I really don't care about focus speed or build quality, but does the G2 produce better images than its predecessor? Is it worth to upgrade?

  9. If you’re making your way into Naples. Check out Jimmy P’s Charred. It’s a butcher shop with a small restaurant. They specialize in Kobe beef. At a decent price. The burger is amazing. And I know you love your brisket also. I hit that place as I travel through south Florida. Think you’ll enjoy. Have a safe trip.

  10. You lucky devil ;). Ps. What bag would you recommend for a museum Friendly trip (they as you to check backpacks ) for Nikon and “holy trinity” Lens bag. Thanks in advance.

  11. Sir. Please give me your opinion on the movement of the poles, happening right now. Doesn't have to be special and Ive never been triggered in my life. Lol. Seemed important.. I'd love to hear you explain it.

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