One other Ripple Impact ep13; 5% of Bearableguy takes XRP $12.00 – Riddle XRP Calculator – WHEN MOON?

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Riddle XRP me this RIPPLE XRP me that every one you may want is only a calculator to calculate that.

With all of the various riddles and predictions it may be getting just a little out of hand for a brand new investor to grasp how these numbers may even presumably make sense 1 usually they do not make sense however right here we go.


31 thoughts on “One other Ripple Impact ep13; 5% of Bearableguy takes XRP $12.00 – Riddle XRP Calculator – WHEN MOON?

  1. The price mechanism by which XRP will operate is not what you talk about here in this video. See michael zischeck videos. Understand and STUDY his PDFs and explanations. Because XRP is a utility asset, it does WORK. It's job is to MOVE VALUE. In order to move value (currently fiat) it needs to be priced equal to the value being moved. Example: if you have $100,000 and you only have 100,000 XRP available to purchase on the exchange that you are connected to, each xrp needs to be $1. So regarding the 40+billion that are released right now, there are only a certain amount that will be on exchanges for sale when banks start pushing volume through xrapid. Agh, there's several essential topics that make up this pricing mechanism and it's too much to explain in a paragraph. That's why Michael's video series is so good. Ok, do this, open an account at Bittrex (or any of the Ripple xrapid exchanges -not binance that is not one of them..but any of the RPPS) and go and look at the XRP/USD pair, and look at the open order book. Look at the ASK listings and go to page 20, the end. Look at the price of each XRP. they are listed at over 7,000 each. Start studying because this is why people don't understand what is about to happen, and why 589 is just the beginning for what the banks are going to push over this new, unprecedented invention! Simply never happened on this earth…that we have on demand liquidity, real time settlement, anywhere anytime, trusted via no single person but an open source system. You can see for yourself on the exchanges right now how quickly the price can go into the thousands, the totals are already there to look at, when banks start buying up all those ASK orders, they will do it fast sending 50 million each time! A matter of days and the prices are sky high. David Schwartz says himself, the higher the price, the more efficient the system and cheaper to send! But the price of each XRP has to be high in order to service all the value movement! You can't load a million bricks into a truck that holds 1,000! You have to have a truck with a rating for carrying…1,000,000!

  2. What I find interesting is over the past year there have been several penny stocks (sub $5) that ran up for 1000%+ . These few stocks had a common feature where there were not options to short them that could be easily attained. Also look at the housing market prior to '08…it also had no easy way to bet against it. It's just a pattern I see. With no easily available way to bet against XRP, BTC, crypto…its just another opportunity that is in the same pattern. All XRP needs is to be easily available to purchase (401K's, ETF's, etc) & more media exposure to show and explain to people what crypto & blockchain is, you'd be amazed at how few people as a percentage still dont know what XRP or blockchain is. Thanks for the military support comment as well! We appreciated it!

  3. Yo I used to wear a coat like the 1 ur wearing when I was a kid – the name on the sleeve was Lord Anthony. Everyone at school laughed at me fo wearing it but I loved it !! Just like Xrp right now.
    These big price predictions are by people who want to secretly buy it knowing full well that if and when it doesn’t hit the moon then xrp holders will dump their holdings n therefore allowing others to come in and buy at the low price!

  4. Do the math on amounts of wallets weighed against population of the world. 0.02% of the world is invested in xrp.

    Imagine current price of xrp with current limit of 20xrp wallets. Would take 5 billion people opening a minimum wallet to suck up all xrp in existence. (35 billion dollars). Lets just use circulating supply. 40b xrp bought up by 2b people for $14b.

    Lets assume 85% of current xrp holders actually hold during this insane buying period. 15% of circulating supply for 2b people.
    6b xrp would be available for until only 300million people have wallets and xrp is sold out at the 20xrp minimum for only $2.1B

    Now comes the fun part, we stop saying what if these many people buy this much xrp for this much price. What happens in a market built upon scarcity? PRICES RISE.

    Assume two things, assume all of humanity is interesting in making money (buying xrp) and assume that the amount of total xrp is being bought up.

    The more people buying xrp. Prices rise.
    The more xrp that is bought up means more scarcity and means less people can buy. Prices rise.

    If you work both ends of the rope, no matter how you hypothesize we end up running out of xrp.

    0.02% of the population has gotten the price of xrp to $0.35 cents. Lets play a game and dream.

    Assuming price scales this is what we end up with 1% and 2% with all 100b xrp in circulation and all xrp is distributed evenly.

    x50 current wallets puts us at 1% of the population of the world(80million wallets x 1,250 xrp). $17.5 xrp.

    2% population (160m wallets x 625 xrp) $35 xrp

    I am not even sure the math needed to account for scarcity. But lets place a 60% price increase on these prices to account for the 60% of xrp in escrow.

    $28 and $56 for 1% and 2% of the population all buying up all circulating xrp at the same time for the same price.

    IF you scale down volume of xrp for sale to buyers price rises. At current price values we need so very few people buying very little xrp before supply runs out.

    XRP SUPPLY IS LIMITED and majority of the xrp is already bought up. PRICE IS ABOUT TO GO TO THE MOON and people don't realise the rocketship has already launched.

  5. Market cap have nothing to do with pricing pricing is based on what the buyers are greeted by it at if the banks decided tomorrow that xrp is extremely valuable and it should be $500 a coin that's what it will be.

  6. We are only looking at the total sum of fiat currency but we fail to realize there's so many other product throughout the global economy that are not counted in Fiat goal is a beast of its own oral is another Beast of its own all different types of minerals so many things have high value this is where cryptocurrency comes in it is the liquidity of the total sum of everything that have value xrp market cap has nothing to do with what the price can be one day we might wake up one day and find out when xrp is 5 grand then what 589 would look like nothing it may just happened.

  7. I was asking myself the same question about why xrp couldn't get to a certain number. If they predict btc to be over 15.000 or 250.000 and xrp will take the number one spot from btc , then why can't we? If it is going to bigger then .com etc etc, imagine where xrp will go.

    Definitely agree about the importance of the cryptocurrency talk at G20, things are cooking! xD

    Ya. a support driven community, or family if you will, is really good. I know i still have to learn a lot, since i am only in the space for a year, and i learn from you. So thank you!

    Side note.. when we are in Liechtenstein i am taking you with me when i go shopping, because your wardrobe is very nice and i need new clothes. xD

    I can tell the airforce friend is very dear to you, i bet you wouldn't trade the jacket for all the xrp in the world.

    Hugs for heroes!! =)

  8. Personally i don't care about any riddle persons or bearable people i'm gonna HODL 3-5 years and keep buying the lows and become filthy rich eventually 😎 Even when there are people (bitcoin maximalists) telling me XRP is a scam …

  9. hello . I would like to ask one question,,,,, when Xrp reach the moon , and I guess I will have a large amount of Xrp. how do I seek large amounts of Xrp in one go ? I live in London. tks all

  10. Hello from Scotland, Great video and very interesting to say the least.. I think you hit the nail right on the head about paper currency, when xrp does shoot and we cash in, I have been wondering what we will be cashing it in for $-£-€ or indeed a new one world currency…

  11. I like your video buddy, thanks. We also have to take into consideration that whatever hypothetical market cap we're calculating from taking a % of Swift transactions, that the market cap total doesn't reflect the total money that flowed into the asset. Actual inflow is usually only a fraction of the market cap total (per JP Morgan study in 2017) so am thinking the price of XRP could go a whole lot higher off a lot less.

  12. Thank you David. I appreciate that you take the time to research and give educated content. Looks like things are dropping a bit today, but hopefully we will be moving forward soon. Got into crypto 2 yrs ago , so it's been an interesting ride.

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