Banks Will Custody Ripple XRP And Crypto In 2019

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38 thoughts on “Banks Will Custody Ripple XRP And Crypto In 2019

  1. Altcoin Daily brought up some interesting facts about centralised versus de-centralised; they also mentioned that there are 40B coins in circulation with 60B in escrow that are released over a period of time; As these 60B coins are released won't the value of XRP go down? I would be interested in your comments on that video. BTW – I am a XRP holder.

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  3. My guess is the money people are waiting for the new lows and should TA indicate via volume that we are leaving the bear market. We will most likely see a giant surge once the bottom has been hit.

  4. Thanks for all the work you do! I’ve been tuning in daily for a couple of months. I can’t thank you enough!
    I just found another YouTuber worth tuning into: crypto Eri. She ‘s tracking what’s going on all over the world from Japan. Check her out!

  5. Banks offering custody for us little guys would be awesome for retail adoption. I could see fiat/crypto debit cards becoming very common after that.

    I don't necessarily trust banks and would always keep the brunt of my crypto assets on a nano-s, probably a couple of them, but could always transfer over a portion for spending. Having an institution insured against theft or loss of your assets is peace of mind.

  6. The IMF is going to create a hybrid digital asset/SDR called an "eSDR.". It will be managed by the IMF. It will provide stability by having the SDR as part of the eSDR and the potential for a huge upside growth through the digital asset component of the eSDR.

    The IMF will introduce the eSDR through the Central Bank system using one of two methods:

    1) Preventive strategy–the IMF will state how the Central Banks balance sheets are in trouble and need an infusion of capital to prevent a global financial meltdown worse than 2008.
    2) Reactive strategy–the IMF and all it's willing partners will create a financial "crisis" and introduce the eSDR to "save" the global financial system ("Problem, Reaction, Solution").

    Check my Twitter feed for my chat with Jim Rickards on this topic. I also asked Jim if he thinks the IMF will use XRP as their digital asset, he said he didn't know. As a former government employee, I can tell you that whatever the IMF and other organizations tell you, they are already multiple steps ahead of that behind the scenes. That's why the guy in this video stumbled because he was trying to figure out what he could reveal to the public or keep secret.

    Both of the methods I listed above will use the Central Banks to introduce this eSDR, stating how much in financial trouble the Central Banks are in. One of the endgames of this is to marginalize the US control over the global financial system because of the USD as the reserve currency. The IMF and the rest of the world is tired of the US bullying the world using the USD, its military, and manipulating SWIFT as a financial warfare tool. There are many other reasons, like tracking money, reducing the huge global debt load, etc but I won't go into all that now.

  7. Banks will be holding cryptos for the masses. It will make mass adoption and use a reality. I would use it too but the majority of my investments will be held off line. No hackings, no bail ins, no haircuts, no worries.

  8. DAI, you should also look into CasinoCoin CSC if you haven't already. It is a Ripple fork that uses its technology for legal online gambling payments. Anyone can purchase it right now for around $.0002. It also has an awesome team and advisory board with a lot of connections.

  9. Why can't you 2250 people who listened to this video just give it a thumbs up. You're getting good info on a daily basis for SFA and you cannot be bothered to give just one finger click!!.? Shame on you guys! You don't deserve access! Just saying 😡

  10. hold on pundi got a contract to install xpos in saudi arabia and we know xrp is sharia law or halal compliant the arab emirates banks are all signing up now imagine how much money the saudis are getting robbed by the banks on the swift system 6 to 9% thats 7 to 10 billion a year in lost revenue lol

  11. XRP is going to be HUGE! With that said, there are also other digital assets out there that are at an absolute steal now. I think the market will continue to go down or run sideways; dollar cost average and hold some cash in the event it dumps further. Also, it's always smart to diversify your holdings, if you already have a bag of XRP.

  12. DAI, with reference to the IMF guy saying that at least one country would have to be using digital assets as their currency: A few weeks back, didn't one small country, starts with an "m", decide that they were going to a monetary system based on digital assets?

  13. Smart idea to hold off from giving banks custody until after the financial reset and global recession as they just might skim those assets. In fact, it seems likely. I know our gov here in Aus have passed laws so they can skim our accounts in a recession

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