Bitcoin exchange app platforms

Trading of cryptocurrencies is a common thing right now, being the procedure where we convert and exchange digital coins into traditional money and the other way around, being also possible to buy and sell to others different cryptocurrencies using trading platforms. For example, there are available Bitcoin exchange app platforms for this purpose with related advantages.

In details, these exchange app platforms allow us to trade and operate with digital coins of different types, in order to perform purchase and sale transactions between other users and with official banks and credit card providers in many cases, becoming traditional money a tool to acquire cryptocurrencies for a variety of purposes and intentions.

There are several Bitcoin exchange app platforms to use online, some of them with more advantages and features than others, although matters like security, fees, reliability, user friendly interface and more must be taken into account to pick the best exchange and trading application and web-based stage, since monetary resources and identity may be at stake.

Now, next we will be showing some of the best options in cryptocurrency exchange platforms to use, where almost no risk will be taken due to reliability and trust these service application providers give. However, always remember to keep your cryptocurrencies saved on hardware wallets, leaving only the ones to trade on software wallets and exchange apps in operation time.

Best options in Bitcoin exchange apps

CoinBase: this has to best the best Bitcoin exchange app and trading platform available, being present in more than 30 countries the service allow to buy Bitcoin using credit cards, debit cards and associated bank accounts with operations that can be performed almost instantly and with reasonable fees.

CoinBase is compatible with multiple paying methods and currencies from different countries, such as bank transfers, debit and credit card, SEPA transfers, Xfers Transfers, and others, although these payment methods depend on the country from where the operations want to be performed. It is also considered a secure platform.

Local Bitcoins: in second place, this is the platform to use to buy and sell Bitcoins for users around the world, being present in more than 250 countries and 12500 cities, resulting sometimes the only broker option. In details, Local Bitcoins is a P2P exchange platform where speed, reliability and privacy are almost guaranteed since it does require names or personal information.

Nonetheless, due to the private approach of the platform it can charge with higher fees to users respecting different operations, especially those ones that involved cash and fiduciary money. Also, security is a thing to consider not because of the platform, but users´ reputation that always must be checked.

GDAX: GDAX or Global Digital Asset Exchange is considered as the CoinBase platform for pro traders, due to its advanced approach not designed for beginners. While this can be a disadvantage, GDAX is the perfect solution for experimented brokers who perform many transactions, since many of them are free or charged with low fees.

Also, this platform offers the option to trade using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital coins, while other broker platforms only work with Bitcoin or a few cryptocurrencies.


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