Bitcoin is near changing into WORTHLESS – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Information

Is Bitcoin near changing into nugatory? Hear what one professor thinks on account of BTC mining. Has this been mentioned earlier than? Tune in and discover out the most recent Bitcoin information and the most recent crypto information from right this moment!

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22 thoughts on “Bitcoin is near changing into WORTHLESS – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Information

  1. Dont really think that Bitcoin is going to be worthless one day! For that the tech (Blockchain) is just too big. Crypto ist a new market, where a lot of things have to get developed. One of the leading projects atm is bitcore I think. They are a better and faster version of Bitcoin and will probably play a huge role in the next bull run! Definitely worth to learn more about it (

  2. All i am saying is "that bitcoin will hit the bull sooner, bitcoin will definitely rise up" yes it will eventually go up, but not in a prolonged bear market. That's why you have been wrong all this time. Holding contrarian views or beliefs in trading only work for picking tops and bottoms not when the market is moving in a certain direction, because if you go against the masses when a market is moving in a particular direction you will get burnt. And that is what I think will happen to you and any one who watch and listens to your videos. I got burnt a couple of months ago when you said bitcoin was going to move from $8,000 to $9,000. I lost a lot of money but I made up to 75K I started trading few I had left with the help from Mr. Wesley Wills, he gives the best strategies, advise and patterns, everyone can contact him for help on [email protected] I am just going to listen to Mr. Wesley Wills advise and teachings, after watching all these YouTube videos from various You Tubers about the market, read new articles, watch the charts and listen to the Holy Spirit. I think the advice you are dishing out on here is crap and if any person wants to got poor they can listen to you. There are two time frames for BTC . Before and after October 2017 . Before that no one knew what bitcoin was and after that every knew what bitcoin was . Trying to use history is absolutely useless in this situation . BCH, BTC, XRP, XLM and Altcoins will only be spiked because of the fork and no other reason . The sad reality is that no cares about crypto any more except those who are already into it . Trading volume has plummeted and more people leaving then coming in . That's the stats and no amount of technical analysis is going to change that . The best we can hope for is the ETF bump followed by the dump and that we continue to go side ways . Prices don't just go up out of thin air or because they should be going up . It needs a huge demand for it and we are just not seeing that . 2019 is going to be bleak and if we don't get this " expected " rise from now ,January will see a massive sell off for all those people exiting crypto once and for all.

  3. Well, It's fair value isn't actually 0; it's NEGATIVE if you impose an environment pollution tax for its toxic externalities. Other polluting goods are overpriced w/o the tax but they are ALL worth well positive with it as are valuable goods. Only crypto is worth NEGATIVE with right tax.

  4. At this stage it appears there is a high probability that this could all gradually drop to nothing. Despite all the youtubers and crypto fanatics posting on forums that this is the way of the future. We have to accept that in 5 years crypto may be just another bubble that burst. I hope not I really do… but I really can't see a long line of people wanting to buy bitcoin anytime in the near future… let alone any other coin or token

  5. I’ve been watching George’s videos for s year now. He started when crypto was topped out and he has been making permabull predictions ever since. Every one of those calls has been wrong.

  6. Haven't watched much been to busy building a business, but appreciate your videos your one of the few still making them in the bear run. Don't agree with alot of your opinions and have been vocal about that butthanks for the entertainment. People don't take advice from entertainment. Your investments are your responsibility. Just because he has a following doesn't make him smart, if any of us me included where that smart we would have our own cryptocurrency just keep this in mind. All of us are simply jumping on board the boat in hope of future profits.

  7. Someone transferred $250,000,000 in Bitcoin – the fee $40, now do that with your bank, the first thing they would do is ask a million questions, million forms of ID, then they would call the FBI to see if you were legal, they would charge you hundreds of thousands, might be a week before it gets there, so they can turn it over, and people love banks, WHY?

  8. Hilarious. Is this meant to be a joke? Yes. It's worthless. Someone please explain to me why it's worth ANYTHING? As a currency it's a nightmare – 15% price fluctuations within minutes. It's worth nothing!

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