Bitcoin Mining In Hassle? Inspecting the analysis and FUD

Bitcoin mining is not worthwhile anymore, miners are turning off their rigs, China runs Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin will quickly be useless! Sounds acquainted proper? Let's focus on the newest analysis from Coinshares on Bitcoin mining, and have a practical dialog across the positives, negatives and what the long run holds.

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44 thoughts on “Bitcoin Mining In Hassle? Inspecting the analysis and FUD

  1. A lot of valid facts to counter the misleading mainstream articles once again. It only reminds me that you can't trust media what so ever, without doing your reasearch first. I just hope more people will discover the actual facts.

  2. What a really well put together vid Bobby. One of your most i formative and best yet. Really appreciate the quality and effort you put into your vids buddy, especially when the despair, loss of hope, etc seems to be spreading around the cryptosphere so much right now. Top job mate 👍

  3. Difficulty adjusts. If you take that into account u know there will always be ppl mining BTC.
    Those FUDs are only applicable to ppl who dont know BTC technically.

  4. FIERY DEATH PIT!!! Good stuff, when we're worried about the current state/security of crypto networks in this bear market…this video does a good job of explaining why there are still plenty of incentives for lots of miners, depending on many variables. Thanks!

  5. Bitcoin is an electricity monster and requires tons of equipment to mine, all of which harms the planet. Even wind turbines pollute like crazy when we consider their manufacturing and disposal. Green energy is just presented to you by crafty salesmen and desperate/clueless politicians as the grand solution, when in fact, it isn't green. That's why I will only support a super light version of bitcoin long-term.

  6. Fiery death pit? No way!! Hey Bobby thanks for your video and for not being a selfish bastard and let the death spiral FUD shake the remaining weak hands in the market :p I assume you do not want 1.3k BTC in discount yet!

  7. Hi, ive just started looking into crypto and need advise for the best trading platform living in the uk. I know gdax was best before it was coinbase, but can’t find reliable advise on the new best way to trade. I can’t deal with the fees lol.

  8. Cryptobobby, I stopped watching the news and started watching more youtube videos. Any time i watch the news, it''s all about pumping fear into the people and less about actual facts. I'm going to sound like a conspiracy crack head but i believe these news corporations want you to believe crypto is causing harm to humanity. Why? Same reasons were in it, money and power.

    Take for example apple pie, it's delicious. What do you tell your children if you don't want them to have it? "Oh don't eat it, it's terrible! he he he…. More for us who know it's good!

    Thank you for this explanation on this mining stuff, i like your enthusiasm. I heard a lot of FUD going on and what you present makes crystal clear sense!

  9. fiery death pit. Overall, it seems like a good analysis, but the idea that the overuse of electricity will inspire greater research into renewable energy, and thus is a net benefit to the world is one of the biggest stretches I've seen in a long time

  10. Comparing all the energy the banking & precious metals industry (That's a lot of buildings & machinery), BTC and crypto pales in comparison, especially for the marketcap percentage comparison. Banks are scared, they have friends at major news outlets. They always want to control public perception, and keeping the public 2 steps behind. You gotta dig for the real truth.

    This false straw-man argument is meant to shape an ignorant public's perception of it (to keep poor people poor). BTC is now the boogeyman to the public, while institutions will be/is accumulating if this ETF actually does get passed. Even if it doesn't get passed, we still have the next halving in mid 2020. If you believe in the deflationary value of $BTC, & the S curved log charts, we should be at the end of the accumulation phase by Nov. 2019.

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