BTC, LTC, DASH Worth forecast (5 dec 2018)

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21 thoughts on “BTC, LTC, DASH Worth forecast (5 dec 2018)

  1. Thanks Dobe. Had a reflective moment where I started follow you as first utuber. Bought my first BTC at 3200 (as your background today:-). Sold a fair bit at 15-16 in order to gamble it away in ICO1 insanity. Sold my final BTCs at 3850 and won't buy it EVER again. Reason = It's the passed and serves ZERO value (as payment method or store of value). Don't need to say where my only vote stays moving one. Nothing else makes sense from as BIG PICTURE perspective. With regards, Joakim, ⛑⛑⛑SV Promoter and Supporter.

    REMEBER: Everyone is Welcome. DONT FOMO. Take you Time Please. 🍏🍏🍏

  2. seriously, great video H.

    For those people that down thumb… I feel bad for you that this market had made you salty, but had you listened to H and her charts last year you would have been prepared.

  3. Ever since you added yourself to the videos I have to watch them twice. The first time I always get distracted watching you, so I have to replay and just hold my thumb over you so I can focus on the analysis. I have no idea what is wrong with me lol

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