Shopping for a $800 Pre-built Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Mining Rig? Coinmine One Evaluation

Must you purchase a pre-built btc cryptocurrency mining rig? The reply relies upon, lets assessment the Coinmine One and talk about the standing of gpu mining in 2019 and the profitability of it!

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Very robust opinions have been expressed on Coinmine One which is the newest pre-built mining rig providing. Some distinctive elements actually set the Coinmine One other than different mining rigs resembling its distinctive case, works on wifi out of the field, built-in ios and android apps to make use of, monitor, and retailer your cryptocurrency mined, oh and likewise the worth tag! Coinmine can be working to construct full Bitcoin lightning nodes into these miners by the tip of 2019 and assist a number of Bitcoin lightning functions, which is truthfully very cool. Let's dive contained in the Coinmine One and assessment its efficiency in addition to mining profitability.

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29 thoughts on “Shopping for a $800 Pre-built Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Mining Rig? Coinmine One Evaluation

  1. I'm with you, not worth the investment unless you have free electricity. I get the trying to get more people into crypto but most people won't spend that kind of money to get started. Just like when I started buying used gtx970 gpu's for less than $100 each on ebay and building my first rig. Learning along the way makes it more worth while and helps understand what is going on in the crypto space. Of course youtubers like you helping along the way.


  2. It will be good if I got that Free Giveaway, Haha. With that Free Giveaway I could start to mine my own Cryptos. Freebies please. ^.^

    Btw, it was great review, very detail, and good comparison.

  3. be weary of the gigabyte fans , with dust. the ali express replacements of the fans are of better quality than what gigabyte fits. i had 12/24 fans on gigabyte gtx 1070 cards wich use the same shroud.

  4. 0x816d502cd9297C06893371d892E2A4a0B44E3B4b

    It's not a bad concept. I think there are a lot of people that's aren't tech savvy or diy inclined like us.

    It definitely speak to a market that want to get into it.

    But to make it more attractive it should be at a lower price point. Maybe the $600 price point but it I do understand their pricing.

  5. I would happily take 1 bitcoin over 1 dollar any day! Who says no I will take 1 dollar over 10 000 dollars? Maybe I missed the point you were making! Anyhow keep coming with the bangers! Peace 🙂

  6. Not really worth it.
    I built something similar for about 450.00-500 (and has an Nvidia Gforce 8 GB card, and a mining motherboard, etc.).
    I currently have it mining $GRIN, I believe it's going to be big eventually.
    And more fun to do it yourself anyway 🙂
    If someone doesn't know how to do that, guess it's worth it.

  7. 0x0ff33C2e2857E7e0C8237E9ce2048209F7925091

    Seems like a $399 pre-built to me. Past the worth of the gpu, it's real only appeal is the fact that you can claim you have it.

  8. As an entrepreneur and business owner I see the end goal with this device. I actually had a nocoiner family member of mine ask me about this same device. Props off to the design and idea behind this product. Honestly at $399 I wouldn’t say it was a complete rip off.


  9. What would I pay for it? Nothing. If it was free, I still wouldn't run it. Too much power consumption. That said, it's a good device for their target market. If they make more powerful devices bringing down the cost per hash, even better.

  10. I paid 670 for one still waiting o. It to come but I live in an condo so I like that it's going to be quit and I don't have to do much work to get started. It's much more than a miner because of the lighting network and staking.

  11. 0x9667473f6eb09dd17404be53898315fd28bbfacf
    I think it's a pinch expensive, I'd like it around 450-550. All in all its pretty cool. As long as ROI pans out, with electric cost, I might buy one just to fight monopolys like Antminer who have become the central type of powerhouse I got into cryptography to fight.

  12. For someone that just want the easy way, sure, it is ok I guess.
    But the price of a RX580 today, plus the rest of the components does not make up for the 800 bucks price, even if it is easy to switch coins.
    As you said Vosk, this is a machine for someone that want to get into mining, not for miners, even poor miners like me 😛
    Good luck to everyone.

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