Sweet Flipping (Journey Sesh #1) (Smoke Sesh S3 #6)

Let me know what you guys suppose!

DISCLAIMER: I'm under no circumstances confessing to the acts acknowledged on this video. This video, together with all others discovered on my channel, has been uploaded purely for leisure functions and shouldn't be taken severely.

Gif by: Protected and Sound

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Sweet Flipping (Journey Sesh #1) (Smoke Sesh S3 #6)
Sweet Flipping (Journey Sesh #1) (Smoke Sesh S3 #6)
Sweet Flipping (Journey Sesh #1) (Smoke Sesh S3 #6)

10 thoughts on “Sweet Flipping (Journey Sesh #1) (Smoke Sesh S3 #6)

  1. Obviously less structured than the usual trip readings but interesting idea nevertheless to share live sessions. I enjoy your channel very much. Due to my current health condition, I can't do any drugs not even a light beer, it's been months. I am very grateful that many mental states, feelings and creativity of tripping can still be experienced and shared.

  2. I don't think it was as bad as you were saying it was gonna be in the beginning lol. I think most people who watch this through understand what state you're in. It was actually pretty interesting lol. Hope you can do more of these. But I know it's gotta be hard as hell staying focused and staying on topic through the whole video

  3. Psychedelics almost have at least a slight psychotic feeling to them but when combining substances, for me and probably a lot of people, the disorganized thought patterns and paradoxical loops can get so overwhelming. It only ever bothered me when I was around other people. If I couldn't finish a complete sentence without losing my thoughts I would get overwhelmed with paranoia and anxiety. It gets very easy to lose your touch with being anything but a continuous spiral of downhill doubts. I've completely convinced myself I had made myself permanently insane several times because I decided to combine a psychedelic with either another psychedelic, weed, or various other things

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