Might A Decline In The Euro Be Crypto’s First Step Into The West?

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31 thoughts on “Might A Decline In The Euro Be Crypto’s First Step Into The West?

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  2. stop brainwashing people whit decentralized limited supply cryptocurrency , the deflationary nature of them is just as bad as hyperinflation and they dont have any economic value for society . Currencys will be centralized with controlled supply according to demand. We need a little bit of inflation to have GDP growing we need control supply. you can implement smart contract to create or remove currency units to have always 5 % gdp growth

  3. LOL as always. Market should crash and bitcoin goes up narrative. So…you mean to tell me normal working people should suffer that uses fiat, for bitcoin to go up?

  4. I like that many EU countries do not deny cryptocurrency! People accept the development of technologies, study them and develop themselves! What would you recommend for a cryptocurrency account? Where to invest? Where to exchange better?

  5. good analysis, well done however there is one fact you did not take into consideration to explain the sharp decrease of the EUR, it is the ECB QE in action. I am European living in the Eurozone losing 15% of the purchase parity power since 10 years and I agree with you, crypto currencies have room to be adopted in the EU in the absence of any other competitive reserve of value in our region.

  6. That might be if there wasn't all this talk about institutional investors taking over crypto. I don't think a wave of Europeans are going to decide that super volatile "money" dominated by leaders in the current financial system is their savior from the current financial system. I don't think we get to have it both ways.

  7. I've always listened with interest to your point of view…but honestly your comments on european economy show a shallow knowledge of european single state economies. Your rumbling on italy and comparing it's economy to Greece's really comment's itself beeing Italy the 7th economy in the world. 75 % of Italians own the house in which they live. The average italian bank account holds 11.300 eur , the average US bank accout holds 3.700 usd or 3260 eur….we can go on if you like…but I think the point is clear
    As for the use of the acronym PIGS to define some of the european econimies, well it's simply rude. So, mate, go on with your rumbling we are all here because we appreciate your contents, but keep visiting Europe and try not to fall into the stereotypical ignorant American character.

  8. Where did you the information about France? Everything you said is plain wrong, makes me question everything you share on this channel. There is a list of demands from the protestors that will give you a better understanding.

  9. Great video, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the like button for you!

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  10. Oh man, all these 'Ricans and 'Strayans fascinated by the "riots" in France. It's called a social movement, nothing to do with Macro economics at all. We are mid-way in the president's term, and young workers are just reminding him that they exist and that they are being squeezed.
    As usual, this will all pass: change is needed, and it will happen one way or another.

  11. The Euro is toast. They don't want to believe it, but it is true. Unless of course Germany wants to baby sit the European Union forever…Greece is a good example.

  12. Thanks Nick but I expect your feedback on price action that happening with btc otherwise world news I can’t get much more from other sources
    I don’t think petrol riot in France has anything to do with btc…

  13. I'm not surprised seeing so many French protesting. It's the way it works in France. The government tries to change something, people don't agree and they start protesting….until proposals are withdrawn. No talking, no negotiating, just violence, destruction and disruptive protests. And almost anyone within the French society agrees (in this case 70%). It's just French patriotism. Anyway, It's the way things work over there.

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