Crypto Comparability: Who’re the REAL Cash Launderers? (Bix Weir)

The argument that Cryptos are dangerous as a result of they're used for “Cash Laundering” is LAUGHABLE compared to the multi $TRILLIONS laundered by the Banks, Central Bankers and controllers of the S.W.I.F.T. System!

23 thoughts on “Crypto Comparability: Who’re the REAL Cash Launderers? (Bix Weir)

  1. Watched a video (BitcoinRich) (from Singapore) over the weekend of an interview of Jim Rogers. He stated that all cryptos (including Bitcoin) would eventually go to ZERO because the government would not allow and would create government authorized crypto currency.

  2. Bitcoin and LTC were created to transfer ALL of the value of the Gold and Silver markets to SAVE the SYSTEM. The rich will stay rich, the poor will stay poor. Only those libertarians who were bold enough to believe in these digital currencies will prosper.. The NWO will slowly move to a 100% digital world and only the Gold, and silver bugs, and the BTC and LTC holder will move up in the world. There is NO other reason to create these currencies for money unless it would first benefit the NWO FIRST. The ONLY threat to the system is now PROVEN to only be GOLD and Silver. Its SOOO easy to rig cyrpto, but gold and silver is a insanely expensive operation that cannot be sustained for much longer. When the switch happens the fiat currencies will not budge at all and only the banks and GOLD and silver holders will benefit, as well as BTC and LTC holders.

  3. I was thinking instead of sending bankers, planners and other wankers to jail, why not have them and/or their company hand over every illegally gotten gain to build a custom made prison. Then the taxpayer doesn't have to forfeit their hard earned money to do it for them. A private prison built with their once private money just for them.

  4. Yes it's like writing an emotional rollercoaster the more bad stuff you find out you're down and then when you hear something that makes you feel like things are going to turn around and be better you're up anyway I just say hang in there

  5. I appreciate your 'dog-on-a-bone' determination to flush out the corruption. On a personal note, maybe you could go see Clif and do some shrooms while you're up there in nature…it can be really healing.

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