Crypto Is Freedom: Why I am NOT Promoting (Crypt0’s Information: December third, 2018)

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39 thoughts on “Crypto Is Freedom: Why I am NOT Promoting (Crypt0’s Information: December third, 2018)

  1. The problem is not Crypto. The problem is people who require crypto gains to live and or sustain their lifestyles. This is like anything else in life – it will go up and down etc. If you quit your job for Crytpo and got rekt on this downturn then your an idiot.

    You want to do well in Crypto? Buy it with money you can afford to lose and pretend it doesn't exist until you hear about it from your grandma – Sell and repeat.

  2. 30 minutes of Non-Stop, non-scripted, informative news that actually keeps me interested and wide awake which is very difficult to do with my ADHD. I apologize for being a non Patron or cheap contributor but being down 40000 ish dollars kind of makes you hold onto your dollar bills a little titer. Thank you for all that you do.

  3. CryptO you are well on it now, i'm impressed! I've been researching and studying all this for over 20 years and unfortunately most people, even those in crypto are asleep!! The only main reason why they want to regulate cryptos as much as possible is because they can keep an eye on us to see how much we are making and then Tax us as much as possible. Remember they're control freaks and if you think they gonna back down you are living in fairy land. The reason most of us can't afford houses which is a basic human right is because it's designed that way. They don't want you to be prosperous or manage your own money. They want you to keep working and working until you die and they take it back even then. Also remember the biggest money launderers on Earth are the Bankers! Power to the people

  4. Only interesting thing here was the dog in the background. Hit like if you agree 😉. Say goodbye to your dreams if Wall Street start playing properly. They said the same about gold.

  5. hardcore revolutionary mother fuckers have long talked about literally burning money as a form of revolution. just remember that as you are slowly going broke, you are still fighting the good fight. now is NOT the time to be selling your stack.

  6. Woo great energy! You brought the strong message today. Let's understand a few things. The system is not against your generation, but the dimension you live in is made to fail. We live in a designed dimension programmed to fail not one specific generation but all generations, it's like a video game if you stand still the game is over. You will always have to move and groove to keep the game playing, scoring and winning. Secondly, you are completely correct on everything, the bear market is just that a bear market nothing more. Bitcoin is the pin, cryptocurrency mining is freaking awesome at this time, if you're not mining then no extra money for you. Spread the message and keep the FUD out of your mind at all times. Love the moment that we are in right now, this will be the moment that only a few can truly talk about and share memories that most will never know or understand, perhaps we can refer to it as the Gran Flippening.

  7. I luv that wording!! Not a bubble but rather the pin!! HAHAHA I approve 100% … Also
    🇪🇺☠Votre europe nous tue☠🇪🇺

  8. Hey, I resurrected my mining rig after it got cool here in Phoenix… The mining rig really all I need to keep the house warm most of the mild Phoenix winter.
    [I turned the rig off last May when summer electricity rates started and I had to use my a/c to cool the house. Winter electricity rates are cheap.]

  9. Watched a video (BitcoinRich) (from Singapore) over the weekend of an interview of Jim Rogers. He stated that all cryptos (including Bitcoin) would eventually go to ZERO because the government would not allow and would create government authorized crypto currency.

  10. Crypt0…I called BTC @ $4018 at the beginning of the year and got flack for that…I am now starting to get bullish in coming weeks til late Feb. I'm prolly gonna get flack for that too…@archeryee23

  11. Dude BTC as well as all crypto is completely manipulated, how could you be so blind? If you have 1000BTC worth 100 dollars and I have $1000 of shitty fiat, No im not gonna trade it to you! ya better wake up son whats more important than money? Check out Ivan on Tech like a year ago he will show you how to MAKE YOUR OWN TOKENS just like all the other 2000pcs of shit out there. Then all U need is a stage to push it on, Bbbbiiiitttcccooonnnneeeccttt, Ya better hold your superchats in fiat because Roger,Craig, Jihan an the rest O the scum, are linin the fuk out a their pockets!

  12. Omar, when you have a chance can you share any new thoughts on QSP? What’s going on over there? Are they still as active as believed to be? I’m a bit disappointed that QSP nosedived after it was revealed that they were not accepting QSP as their main source of fees. Keep up the good work. Long time follower!

  13. My bottom call: It will be a "world war" bottom number, $1914-$1945. If USDT pops, then we'll retest the $1100 ish range. Daily candles should close around $2800, though, wick to just under $2K. LTC will wick to around $6 and close in the $12-$16 range. (it is an educated guess, people. Correct, I do NOT know, but my guess is probably better than yours, lol)

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