DMT EXPERIENCES #23 “Ready Room Breakthrough”

Who has all been to the void generally often called the ready room? I've! It is insane, but peaceable. Intense, but calm. Benefit from the journey report describing a DMT breakthrough.

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25 thoughts on “DMT EXPERIENCES #23 “Ready Room Breakthrough”

  1. Thanks again, another easy to listen to, interesting, honest video. Already subbed so I liked for a thumbs up and encourage others to do the same so valuable channels like this can grow and thrive! Keep making 'em and we'll keep watching. Salute to you brother from the UK, we love our psychedelics here and in the countryside and hearty forests and woods we can grow our own undisturbed for personal use – mushrooms love sheep-dung! Yeah, youtube's sycophantic censor-mad "policies" are so often such pedantic, corporate, short-sighted horse-crap. I'm clearly one of millions who hope they'll (youtube) soon have a change of heart and re-monetise these awesome, beautiful, important and now crucial topics as things move forward and knowledge, positive-understanding and good-press increase and progress faster and farther, as way-paving events like 'Breaking Convention' gain in popularity and support, especially from the 'mainstream', things like university/lab tests, the current recent resurgence and funding of green-lighted research experiments, relaxed restrictions, and medical-trials as the peer-reviewed results pile-up from sound, honest and open studies carried out by consummate, qualified and highly-respected professionals submitting published proof of the massive, essentially and potentially infinite benefits and wholesome, healing, useful, stunning, incredible and expansive applications of Psychedelics.

  2. This is what i dont get… I agree we do come back to home what i dont get… Is why the fuck would we want to be here in this planet when home the dmt world feels powerful and time to not be too happy about smoking dmt and coming back here… Because the goal should be to not comeback here..but stay over in the other side and save your soul ans humanity

  3. Wow! Through synchronicity this video appeared to me! I've done DMT three times in my life and the second time was the most powerful experience. For nearly 4 years I've been trying to process / understand the "place" I went to. And all I could ever explain to my friends was that I was in a "waiting room" seeing the building blocks of reality. Interlocking fractals & pillars while floating in there as if "they" were just letting me hang there and experience it.

    Thank you! "Waiting Room" is the EXACT feeling / words that I had for the past 4 years about my experience & hearing it from you makes me realize this place is real! There is no way people someone on the other side of the world who I've never meet could have the same objective experience if this is all just in the mind. Peace. JD.

  4. I was in the "waiting room" on a 10g shroom trip. I started yelling to the beings that were guarding the door to get out that they knew me and to let me in. I was squeezing thru the crowd trying to get closer. It was so intense.

  5. You're videos are very interesting but youtube will keep taking them down if you continue violating their guidelines.
    Tip – include a text and audio disclaimer which where you state that
    "I don't promote the use of illegal drugs, this channel and video is only for educational and harm reduction purposes"

    Don't tell your audience how to procure it, tell them to get information from Google or dmt nexus

  6. 8:05 "And as he withdrew from being up in my grill" Hahaha, that's totally our new style of talking. Formal, but casual at the same time… I have to subscribe to hear more of that lol

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