Each Downside With Bitcoin Can Be Solved With Bitcoin

Towards Necessary Replay Safety in Bitcoin (BSV) https://weblog.moneybutton.com/2018/12/02/against-mandatory-replay-protection-in-bitcoin-bsv/

22 thoughts on “Each Downside With Bitcoin Can Be Solved With Bitcoin

  1. Two things do not go together in the same sentence in any civilization is money and probability of losing your money. under any circumstance any one use some thing has a probability of losing .

  2. Sold all my coins. Went all in on sv, if we are going for mass adoption there is no other room for other chains. If there are other chains in the future, then we have failed. Thats all i have to say about that.

  3. Your basic premise is fundamentally flawed, with onchain scaling we can NOT get to global adoption. The internet scales because of multiple layers in the TCP/IP protocol, so do many other software packages.

    Scaling to massive blocks will absolutely result in centralisation just has it has with BCHABC and BCHSV, both coins are %100 centrally controlled

  4. Hi Ryan, can you recommend a wallet that does this splitting easily? I want to spend my BAB before it goes to 0. The BSV I will hold onto for a while until there's some good merchants for it.

  5. Ryan left Bitcoin Cash because he wanted to join a protocol that is "locked down". Now SV is talking about a hardfork for replay protection which involves changing the protocol. So much for locking it down, huh?

  6. Was the nChain money really worth it? You would have gotten rich anyway from being an early adopter. Instead you're supporting an altcoin that has no merit behind it. No one takes you seriously anymore Ryan. Yours and moneybutton are completely useless if you have to use a shitcoin nobody accepts. I'm starting to think you're not even trying to make a business here, just looking for a way to get funded with no intention of ever turning a profit.

  7. Summary: Bitcoin is isn't really useful, no one really uses it except primarily bots to speculate and wash trade on exchanges and almost all its "value" is due to fake money (aka "stable" coins). So let's forget all that and talk about how Bitcoin can save itself. Now just imagine if you need to do A with your money you can go to vendor A and if you need to do B you can go to vendor B and so on. Why? Well because Bitcoin is not user unfriendly enough as it is. So the strategy is to make it even more complicated and technical to help adoption. And, with all that, believe it or not, it's sound money. Why you ask? Well, cause a few snake oil sales people say so. Honest, "sound money" isn't meaningless rhetoric, really, I promise. Ryan say's Bitcoin (which one of the several versions is not specified so I assume he means all of them) is "sound money" cause it's "a sort of limited supply so its sound" (@1:48 wonder if the "sort of" portion of that statement was a Freudian slip or not… either way I found it humorous). Yup, sound money is just that easy, it is ready for prime time as "world money".

    This is getting beyond ridiculous. Starting to look forward to the implosion so all fing shills can get wiped out of whatever they haven't already converted to fiat.

    Questions for Ryan:
    Does sound money double itself every time someone's pee pee gets bent out of shape?
    Does sound money incentivize people to bend their pee pee's out of shape?
    Does sound money solely get distributed to a handful of people/companies who waste a shit tonne of energy in the process?
    Is sound money completely detached from what is going on in the real economy?
    Is money "sound" when the majority of the (synthetically fixed) supply is owned by literally a handful of people?

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