Way forward for Crypto Is Brighter Than Ever, Says Bitcoin.com’s Ver

Dec.04 — Roger Ver, chief government officer at Bitcoin.com, discusses if we have reached a flooring on the latest selloff in bitcoin, his outlook for cryptocurrencies, regulation of the business, Bitcoin money and mainstream adoption. He speaks completely on “Bloomberg Dawn: Europe.”

50 thoughts on “Way forward for Crypto Is Brighter Than Ever, Says Bitcoin.com’s Ver

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  2. Great interview with Roger. Don't mind the paid trolls in the comments. They're there to confused the newbies. One of the real challenges for the cryptocurrency economy to overcome is how to deal with paid astroturfing campaigns online.

  3. 3:38 "…Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin…" Interesting that he didn't add "Core" to Bitcoin as he usually does. Are we witnessing first signs of Roger's mind-shift or was it just lack of concentration on his default BTC downplay?

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  5. The only people dumb enough to fall for anything Ver says, are apple investors, apple iphone and macbook using, sheepish old city people with more money than brains… he is not smart, just clever at creating a fairy tale story for his investors. bitcoin website is rarely used by crypto experts at all, its more laughed at as a penny stock like website.

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