Recreation of chess ? XRP to $589 proponent and rumored Ripple insider Bearableguy123 resurfaces:

XRP (XRP) – The making of a worldwide foreign money

How XRP Might Be The Greatest Funding For 2019-20

Ripple Government Says Asia Has ‘Greatest Urge for food’


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29 thoughts on “Recreation of chess ? XRP to $589 proponent and rumored Ripple insider Bearableguy123 resurfaces:

  1. Yo CKJ what if that crypto bear “diversification” was to consider the portfolio now for after the moon?! As in they know the $50 in 24/hr to a possible $589 will hit first then they diversify out with 37% left in xrp. Perhaps those in the know will use this instant liquidity to start pumping the alts w/o giving up the liquidity to BTC & those players who control that network.

    Hows this.. I’d imagine we see the btc flip eoy prob Jan 1 2019.. cos RR fireworks 😉 and also once SEC clarify’s what XRP is & XRapid vol ramps up causing xrp to hit the .0002 sats top trend line resistance. XRP falls back over jan/feb to go neck & neck with btc mcap. Then out of nowhere XRP explodes overnight to $50+ and Binance follows up the following day or so with XRP being listed as the new base pair. Coinbase finally lists XRP & majority retailers will have missed the boat but are now helping to buy the bags & it’s game on for all of crypto. Just another fun theory 🤪

  2. Hi,

    I have a question, If I go now to bittrex and make 1,000 buy order at 50$ for each XRP, and make 1,000 Sell orders 50$ for each XRP, will that have an effect on the price since the price is determined by the market between the buyer and the seller. will that drive the price up?

    Thank you.

  3. Man I was thinking about the amount of XRP in existence and the number of people on the planet. If XRP did become a global currency, then we're going to be mostly talking in terms of Ripple Drops when we're paying for things in there future. Like a big Mac meal might cost 249 drops.. xrp baby..

  4. Please stop posting this ridiculous price predictions, you make us look like fools.
    if a bull run happens we will go near 1$.
    If the Deutsch Bank Collapse and the entire Euro zone, i think we will go between 10 to 50$.

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