GPU Bitcoin Mining, Bitmain Crypto Index And World Large Crypto Guidelines

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45 thoughts on “GPU Bitcoin Mining, Bitmain Crypto Index And World Large Crypto Guidelines

  1. I'm glad someone finally blessed you TMI, I remember when your beautiful face was on these videos and you would let us know, if we have ANYTHING under 6 figures in our wallet absolutely do not give you any of it. You're a good dude.

  2. When the fog clears, and you are one of the few crypto reporters that never gave in to the hype and kept it real. How will you manage to stay this way when the major media networks start knocking at your door?

  3. I know with India. Ncash that thing is taking off there I check in on it. Ncash to me is like an intelligent agency experiment in my mind somehow. It’s from MIT here. But the sensors are like the ones reported to track jay walkers in China. Nut this is for retail and home security sysytems. India trips me out

  4. Orderbooks are gonna get thinner and thinner… Prices will go down down down…. And then…. The panic will start set it…. And prices across the market will explode so crazy our biggest imagination is lime drop in the ocean…. Crypto is Limited…. Fiat is not, gets printed daily…. Just think about that..

  5. The one decade tested continually proven fact about BTC?… No one who ever said it was dead was right. Which is more amazing considering that there are many more of them than us… for now

  6. Great video. I believe India is losing control of what is happening in their country. The tighter the grip, the easier it is to slip through. I think the 1101 project is still a go. We will see. Going back to the hyperbolic time chamber to meditate on the next pump and dump.

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