How Will Ethereum Scale!? Will Any Blockchain?? ($ETH)

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18 thoughts on “How Will Ethereum Scale!? Will Any Blockchain?? ($ETH)

  1. If you have invested your money in Vitalik Buterin project called Ethereum, a young man of age 24, who completed only high school diploma, and never study computer science in his life, please never forget your mistakes and don't make them again.

  2. You talk with your hands. Spirit fingers! Bitcoin scales easily. Sharding was written by Zilliqa and I think they will have a better chance of implementing it. PoS will make ETH faster but it's based on trust and more centralization.

  3. Good overview and breakdown. People need to understand this tech is still in the growing phase and not even close to being mature. I can't wait to see the Crypto landscape in 5yrs 😉

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