I believe we must always undoubtedly do it to speed up mass adoption.

I think we should definitely do it to accelerate mass adoption.


Now I give 5 satoshis to everybody

totally free and with none circumstances.

I've even created the twitter account: twitter.com/GiverOfBitcoin

So anybody might immediately begin utilizing and studying Bitcoin with none preliminary funding.

So anybody can play with these 5 satoshis loads, shifting their satoshis by totally different LN wallets.

Happily, Bitcoin LN funds are as quick as lightning and free!

(And scanning QR-codes and sharing satoshis with others are the purest enjoyable.)

Right here is the entire listing of LN cellular wallets, lightningnetworkstores.com/wallets

For absolute newcomers there's the article on Medium:

(the way to simply to create your first Bitcoin LN bill)


Certainly, I believe, now even 1 satoshi is sufficient to begin utilizing Bitcoin and to be taught loads about Bitcoin.

Since even the smallest quantity (1 satoshi) exhibits anybody what is feasible with Bitcoin proper now and it's simply wonderful.

7 000 000 000 (folks)*1(sat) = 7 000 000 000 satoshis = 70 bitcoins

So all we'd like is simply 70 bitcoins in whole for the entire world to actually speed up mass adoption to the max.

There could also be a number of factors of gifting away.

Your ideas?

Up to date:

Due to everybody!

I would like extra retweets.

Please go on twitter and do extra retweets so extra newcomers will find out about this chance.

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