Intel Bitcoin Mining Patent – Asus Gaming Crypto Mining – G20 Crypto Tax – XRP Coinmarketcap Debacle

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– Intel Wins Patent for Vitality-Environment friendly Bitcoin Mining
– Asus Permits Players to Mine Crypto With Their Idle Graphics Playing cards
– G20 Nation Leaders Name for Worldwide Cryptocurrency Taxation
– XRP neighborhood cries foul over CoinMarketCap’s repeated “market manipulation”
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23 thoughts on “Intel Bitcoin Mining Patent – Asus Gaming Crypto Mining – G20 Crypto Tax – XRP Coinmarketcap Debacle

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  2. Do some real in depth video on how taxes work in this new space. It is to i's opinion taxes aren't really justified. Cryptocurrency is considered real money and the dollar is considered debt. With that being said, who is justified or claims to be beneficiary to a tax and what for? What authority?

  3. Hi Tony, the issue I have is that all definitions of market capitalisation, including the SEC’s own definition references ALL stocks/equities etc, including any held in escrow or held internally by the company and not just the value of the equities/stock that are in circulation in the market. If CMC want to develop another definition, then OK. But it you use a definition which is known, then it should be used to the letter.

  4. My prediction is that the Chinese government will either come up with its own crypto-currency, or appropriate an existing one. Why? They want to be able to manipulate any currency to its favor, just like it is doing with fiat currency. Meanwhile, the United States will allow the current situation as is, but with one proviso: they would want to be able to test the block-chain for integrity, as well as prevent money laundering.

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