Simply do not f*ckn dance

"I really like bitcoin twitter however typically it feels a little bit too giddy about monetary apocalypse."

worIdwideEb is correct about this.

Bitcoin is in the end a stake via the guts of the central financial institution monopolies. The dependents on that system (e.g., Deutsche Financial institution) are fading quick, and we'll be seeing each day increasingly more:

HSBC to Slash Hundreds of Jobs After Ousting CEO

The wheels will (actually) come off quite a lot of buses earlier than the malinvestment-driven economies will even start to get better. Whereas hyperbitcoinization received't be the trigger, it is going to be blamed because the catalyst and beneficiary.

And for each win in our circle, there will likely be 1000's of losses of their circles. It's inevitable.

Doesn't imply we have to dance over it although.

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