Litecoin Ben? The UNCUT Reality About Bitcoin Ben – Interview

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35 thoughts on “Litecoin Ben? The UNCUT Reality About Bitcoin Ben – Interview

  1. Great work growing your channel . I’m 29 and enjoy watching your channel . Your doing very well being so young . Congrats . Ben was very difficult to listen to . Doesn’t seem confortable talking

  2. You point out the most obvious 800Lbs Gorilla in the room. I have been stating it for nearly a year. if Crypto currencies start to moon, will you be able to sell out of your position quick enough? You answered it.

  3. Great job on the interview! I love to see the differing generations coming together to share perspectives. And Ben is not just a talker but a "do-er" making a difference out there which I love about him. Spreading knowledge about crypto is key to mass adoption which will eventually come but not fast enough lol. When I can go to any store in the Mall and be able to use Litecoin, then I'll know we have arrived!

  4. man you hooked up with that clown? I was enjoying your channel until you interviewed that clown. You need to interview "the movers and shakers in the game" he's on the sideline with poms poms. Cheerleaders and players are different. He ain't a player, player

  5. Your doing great man, keep it up. Having bitcoin Ben on ur channel in my opinion is huge for u. And I like how u ask the questions we want to know from people that are knowledgeable like him such as what is your favorite coin and predictions and stuff like that.

  6. The younger people, especially today, are WAY too self absorbed and narcissus (thanks in part to their enslavement devices and slavebook) who are only interested in themselves and who is looking AT THEM
    Most millennials I know of still live at home, are in debt and have zero interest in doing anything about getting out of that debt but expect someone else (like the government) to take care of their needs.

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