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  1. YES IT WAS ORGANISED and it was some people who have double citizenship in Mexico south America and the US, the truth is this, if a person doesn't love his or her own country what is making yoou belive that the person going to love you country?, it is easy to see, the person who loves his country going to respect any country's rules, culture and people, so they going to emigrate in a ligal way and they going to follow the process, they going to respect the opinion of the people that lives in that country and they going to allow them choose their goverment. however, as we can see all that people don't want the president that the natives from that country has choosen, the solution is easy, if oyu don't like it go back to you home country, problem solve it. so they planned to bring a caravan of thousend of people through Mexico and make Trump acepthem and change the laws for their benefit, that is wrong, and the conflic is coming from withing, worse.

  2. I wonder if these "radical feminists" are the same group that advocate and promote sharia law? Funny that they are led by a male, even if he is in the process of becoming a trannie. This whole bunch who are antifa offshoots and employ the same tactics sicken me! Considering that they are non contributors bringing in people who are welfare suckers and will vote Democratic make me wonder if our nation can survive. We who are concerned citizens must work to make certain that Trump is reelected in 2020. Another Obama or Clinton, ( think Kamala Harris ) will sink the ship! We must not be like the Canadians who will reelect Trudeau because they can't mount a decent conservative government, are doomed to failure. Little girls being raped. Middle School kids being attacked by "kids" who are obviously much older. Sharia law being instituted. We must be prepared for a likely Civil War and be certain that our C in C will be someone who will direct the military properly. We are in serious trouble, folks. Better wake up!

  3. 😀 both of you ?? Why don't you just get a bunch of your friends and hit the fields and Start picking. Them onions cucumbers , radishes etc ?? This will keep away all would be illegals from coming here ?? Crops are rotting the fields ?? Farmers are committing suicide cause there's not one of you to pick the fields ?? Put your mouth where your money is ?? 🤣🤣🤣!!!!!!

  4. Red, blue, no difference both sides against the middle like caravan, funded by criminal, Soros. All who party with Drumpf's on July 4th! 
    Vote tally should be on surveillance, televised so ALL see actual count! Definitely rigged or would be automatic standard procedure!! Drumpf PROMISED wall; more LIES!! Not even useless flimsy razor wire installed until paid caravan arrival!l! My garden pin the 70's and better protection from dear. Walked through many places, insane! Why no solid electrical fence after 2 years! Just another distraction as vermin burrow beneath… 

    Jesuit actor Drumpf called Paradise pleasure 2x! Egregious, brown blames then threatens US with 'more fires', saying "we have the best lawyers" WTH? Cops laughing asses off, speak of total destruction, 1000's dead, unidentifiable! Demonic NWO, generational satanists pedo cannibals.  
    WAKE UP! AGENDA 2030 CHRONIC DEW genocidal fires for land grab and depop! "YOU KNEW DAMN WELL I WAS A SNAKE BEFORE YOU TOOK ME IN!" Performing blatant occult rituals defending cousin Killary. Catastrophes increased exponentially Drumpf took office in NWO land grab!

    Ready for DC march to unify, spread awareness of chronic fatal DEW fires! Firemen unaware! Yearly 5" 3 hr. created downpours causing deadly mudslides same day after No., So. Cal attacks '17 & '18! We must unite and revolt, or fry alive and drown as many countless unreported victims!

  5. This caravan situation seems orchestrated. There's no way this many people would just all of a sudden want to seek asylum at the same time. Seems like someone is funding this. Just my opinion.

  6. Let’s educate these young people I really think it’s horrible how the liberals are using black people making them just be angry about race there being used and made fools of and they actually think there caring about them it’s just sad and sadistic we need to show these people if the lefts wanted to help blacks and cared they would not throw them in to make people except illegals then the Black People get tossed aside there country ruined for votes and now here we end up with blacks no job no home nothing and no help because the illegals took it all do you think any of these rich politicians are going to give any help to these black people once they have reached there agenda it would be racist of us not to show these people there being made fools of !

  7. I have a idea ! Let’s challenge democrats one on one with a republican ask them to except a challenge to spend one week with a conservative and let us attempt to show them how democrat politicians are using them not really giving a crap about them as individual people a lot of them are so young and there just following the crowd yelling what every one else is ! I personally think I could change minds and if it gets enough publicity others will follow these people are easily led and believe about anything everyone else is yelling about and not even knowing why like follow the leader we conservatives are mostly intelligent people if those dumb demorats can lie and get a mob behind them why can’t we do the same with the truth ?

  8. This is a great interview, but you guys need to schedule a time when Louis has no distractions.
    It just looks unprofessional. Just some constructive advice.

  9. These migrants say they want to get away from violence and crime, but yet they were throwing stuff at the border and trying to break through which to me is violent and a crime to break through a border.
    These people are very hostile and selfish with an unethical mentality. They are not innocent victims that they portray themselves to be.

  10. Why do colored people have this irresistible need to live around White people? I thought Whitey was evil? Doesn't Communism teach the colored that he is the equal of the Whitey and does not need anything for Whitey?

    Colored people: Stand on your own two feet and stop looking at Whitey with Communist envy for what Whitey has.

    Colored Communism: Colored people looking with envy at what Whitey has and knowing that the colored can't produce or working for it themselves, so they come to Whitey looking for handouts.

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