Nasdaq Bitcoin Futures, Blacklisted Handle Harmless, Trevon James Does not Like Me

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8 thoughts on “Nasdaq Bitcoin Futures, Blacklisted Handle Harmless, Trevon James Does not Like Me

  1. Why do you like CoolWallet? I tried to restore my mnemonic from a segwit wallet and it didn't work. Asking them about it only got back an elusive response. I think the less slippery answer is that they don't fully support segwit yet. You dropped the ball when you didn't mention that on your YouTube review.l that they don't.

  2. If you're going to try to fill the hole in the market, please address for bitcoin maximalists shilling crap coins. The idea that those with a following are more incentivizef to shill a pm so they got in early than ad value to bitcoin. I'm talking Andy Hoffman and Richard Heart. No YouTube will touch this but it's the first thing nppbs must understand

  3. Lol, I saw the tweets, but didn't know who Trevon was until I saw this video. Didn't realize he was that scammer for Biiiiittttccccoooonnnnnnnnneeeecccttttt! The guy is a total joke. I can't believe anyone still listens to him…you'd think they'd know better by now.

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