NASDAQ On Bitcoin: ‘Its Taking place’ 2019; Courtroom Dismisses SEC Declare; Venezuela & The Petro

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– NASDAQ Declares they're moving into crypto
– US Courtroom Dismisses SEC Declare in opposition to Blockvest
– Venezuela and the Petro – information from the nation on their cryptocurrency


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12 thoughts on “NASDAQ On Bitcoin: ‘Its Taking place’ 2019; Courtroom Dismisses SEC Declare; Venezuela & The Petro

  1. I need some help please… if the Nasdaq or New York Stock Exchange adopts Bitcoin, wouldn't the price of bitcoin need to be greatly reduced? I cant see one share of bitcoin being equal to one coin which is currently equal to $4000. If a reduction in the price of bitcoin is needed before the NASDAQ/NYSE adoption, shouldn't investors hold off from buying bitcoin until a new low is established?

  2. They (ruling class)don’t want the people to invest into an hold crypto which is why they crashed the market shake all holders away like a bully taking a kids lunch money .. they want all the money an power for themselves ,, money is like sea water to them ,, the more they drink the more they are thirsty and want what’s urs

  3. Please realize, futures contracts settled with cash, not the underlying asset, is a giant pile of shit that does nothing for the price of Bitcoin but make it go much lower – cash settled futures are a way the Fed manipulates almost all markets. Cash settled futures is NOT good for Bitcoin – it is a giant NEGATIVE.

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