Q&A: Sponsorships, modifications for PCT hike, Weight vs Consolation, hardest climb for every path, and so forth.

00:31 Mt. Everest
01:15 How a lot footage did you find yourself with on the CDT?
04:33 Are all of your gear picks with the considered saving weight?
06:24 Talking engagement at Wofford Faculty
08:46 Coaching Fancy (my canine) for the PCT
12:34 Recommendation for deciding to thru-hike on the final minute
16:52 Camino De Santiago Path
18:41 Health Watch
21:19 Is there any footage we have not seen within the film?
21:53 Do you employ the breakaway bead in your neck knife?
22:49 What is the hardest climb for every path?
24:55 Modifications for PCT hike
27:36 Do you do brief backpacking journeys within the winter to coach for longer hikes?
29:10 What are you most enthusiastic about in your mother backpacking on the PCT?
30:18 What have been you finest and worst experiences on path?
32:50 Are you continue to planning to set a FKT for the Pinhotti Path?
33:27 What's your course of for selecting motels once you get to city?
34:28 New path in Chile
35:21 Do you ever take days off on path from filming?
37:09 Sponsorships

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32 thoughts on “Q&A: Sponsorships, modifications for PCT hike, Weight vs Consolation, hardest climb for every path, and so forth.

  1. For your next Q&A: How do you handle distancing yourself from a person or persons who insist on hiking along with you when you either want to be alone or they are creepy, etc.?

  2. Heyyy!! Haha I commented quite a long comment the other day, hopefully it wasnt too much 😓

    I do have a question though! In every one of your thru hikes I see you celebrating your birthday but never can seem to pin down when it is!🤣 the reason I wonder is because I am a taurus and my birthday is April 28th and it seems like your birthday might be close to that same date!

  3. About Mount Everest, although you said you didn't want to summit it, in case you ever change your mind: please don't attempt to do so. Not only is it dangerousely overcrowded, but sherpas are risking their lives daily and are killed every year (on top of being exploited) for tourists to get their moment on top of the world.

  4. I am not sure where to post questions out side of the live Q & A, I am not able to be online when you have them. I am planning to hike 250 miles of the Ozark Trail this summer and want to share it with the people back home. I would like to send some videos. What social media would you recommend?

  5. Looking back at your early AT videos. Did you shave or carry a razor? Did you worrying about shaving? (Or are your leg hairs that blonde.) Did you see other women still shaving their legs on a thru hike? Or is it just a personal preference.

  6. Hey Dixie! love your videos! Just have one question – I plan to hike the PCT as soon as I'm out of uni and I was wondering how to get ready in a physical way.. Did you do any special endurance or strength training for the PCT, or just regular workouts to stay fit? thank you so much for everything! you're my favorite procrastination program <3 love from Czech rep!

  7. I noticed that you made a comment about hiking with wipes. Agree they are useful but if you want to shed a bit more weight Wysi Wipes (available on amazon and elsewhere) to be a much lighter alternative and fully biodegradeable. Just add a few a tsp or so of water and they fully hydrate. You might want to give them a try.

  8. People always underestimate how hard losing a pet is. They were family, and that's the end of that. Doesn't matter what species they are, they were a big part of your life. If you don't feel something when they're gone, you might want to re-evaluate your life and relationships.

  9. On the question on preparing which lead to nerves, I used to do many triathlons over 30 and while this became routine, I still got nervous, had butterfly's and had lots of anxiety but once the horn went and the first stroke happened your in it, it started and it's your reality! The nerves changed to competition (in this case) and completion. The same is true for a thru hike. Once you cross that line and take the first step…your in, it started, it's your reality and your mindset turns to completion and the day to day reality that is thru hiking. It's overall the same for each of us but different for each of us. The nerves will always be there, they will be strongest the more important something is to you but…they will always go away.

  10. I have two neck knives form MT Knives. I took the bead of of one. I prefer to have the bead on, because I can shorten the length enough that it doesn't poke me in the gut when I bend over or squat down. That also prevents it from swinging out. But I also keep mine short enough that I can't off over my head without the bead.

    I take mine off every day before I get in the shower. I still have to pull on it to get it to pop loose. And it does pop.

  11. The reason these videos get dislikes is because that psycho warren has a commercial first. God I become filled with anger every time I hear her spew lies. I am glad she’s running though.

  12. I watched all of your AT, PCT and CDT footage you posted. You tell a great story that invites your followers to watch intently and in some cases on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what happens next. Congratulations on not letting others along your way to discourage you. Through the many dangers and stuning encounters with beauty and awe, you captivated the listener, and though they were not there with you, some of the footage you showed made them wish they were. Happy New Year, may your next trail be as grand as your last.

  13. Comfort v weight huh? …never thought I'd say this as a backpacker, but, at 56 I'm going to bite the bullet on a Sea-to-summit comfort plus insulated! (no light weight here) …tired of not being able to sleep…

  14. I am the guy who made the sponsorship comment during Jessica's Q&A. I feel like I hit a nerve by saying she deserves sponsorships and want to apologize, It just pisses me off seeing athletes making millions of dollars a year from sponsors and cry about how they are treated when Jessica REALLY deserves sponsors for the positive impact she has on so many lives. I fully understand why she doesn't want them and applaud her for keeping her channel more personal. I'm really looking forward to seeing her speak at Wofford college in March! ( I live only 18 miles away) Happy New Years everyone!

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