Ripple XRP #1 Blockchain Funding For 2019 And 2020

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48 thoughts on “Ripple XRP #1 Blockchain Funding For 2019 And 2020

  1. I don’t understand the use case of xrp. If it’s just for banks to use as cross border payments, why do we buy it? If xrp is used to buy Starbucks in the future, we won’t need banks to hold our xrp, so xrp’s usefulness as a cross border payment utility for banks goes away.

  2. Did some calculations: only 265 000 people own more than 1k XRP
    according to Some bigger
    wallets are exchange wallets and therefore the number is more than 265k
    but must be less then 1 million people. There are around 36 millionaires
    in the world. These numbers crush the "we cant all be millionaires"
    argument. Woah we are early

  3. Can see the argument for tokenisation of stock and fx market, the big issue could be how to store all these different tokens in a single wallet, do you think it would be another way of how to use your bank accounts, probably to much for smartphone to handle. I would guess that every stock would use a different token, bit like ec20 tokens?

  4. Stop giving publicity to commercials on your own browser. Download Brave and forget about commercials on EVERY SITE as well as youtube when you play videos on Brave browser!!! And yeah, I do own some BAT 😉

  5. Damn…down for the hour, the day and the week. Holding but this is getting old. It is like one of the few coins with use case and it has not been doing well the past week or two and is constantly under attack recently (with FUD). Volume is also WAY down (we were doing 1.4 million a day for a while there, now we are back to 200K to 400K a day). At times like these it is good to come here to remind myself why I believe in XRP…

  6. Got out at .50 cents,, now just wating for the reversal to slam it back in lol.
    If it goes down farther thats ok with me.. i will just have twice as much when the break occurs.
    Retire by the end of 2019 for good.

  7. Stop stomping on BTC. For those of you unaware BITCOIN opportunity corp. gave funding in 2013 and 2015 to get xrp off the ground. Xrp is a great product but don't forget who helped get it there

  8. tank you for your hard work. i am following you because you have a head on your shoulder and your feet is on the ground. (no BG123 and riddler BS….). Your Always accurate in your research and i appreciate it. Good job !

  9. @Ripple Strong says, "You need to be purchasing a high-quality Ceylon cinnamon online, not the cassia cinnamon from the grocery store. Cassia cinnamon is poison if taken in large quantities which sounds like what you are doing when you have it everyday in your coffee. Look it up."

    Be careful!!!

  10. I just get so sick of listening to the shillers thinking XRP/BTC has any chance of replacing the global moniary system. It's just a rediculous notion. No country on the planet would allow that to happen. You can't win wars without the ability to print money and create more debt.

  11. Hello Mr DAI, I would love that you do a session to let us know what are the others digital assets you do have in your portfolio(without financial advice obviously). Many thanks in advance!!!

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