Ripple XRP: A BG Prediction You Can Financial institution On

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Asset Tokenisation.

A BG Prediction


22 thoughts on “Ripple XRP: A BG Prediction You Can Financial institution On

  1. I like you you're very educated and you quite eloquent with your presentation. This topic is very essential to the crypto market and you are remaining very practical and fundamental with the grifter environment.

  2. hey mate, good info. Curious about whats the best way to store your seed password. I been looking at the titanium plates???
    Also how do you go about re setting your seed? There is not much support with Nano S, and i mean actually talking to someone. Thanks

  3. Thank you for explaining the tokenization of assets. I’m not a youngster like most crypto investors, I found out about it just last year from my youngest son who’s friend told him about XRP and BTC. I stumbled through many videos and researched for hours and hours to teach myself about investing and storing it on my ledger nano. I agree with you, and as DAI says Wall Street and banks smell the 💰

  4. If you're going to watch everyone else's videos and then reproduce their ideas a few days later in your video, maybe it'd be smart to give them credit when you repeat their statements?

  5. OZ you are always spot on brother! When Garlinghouse stated, banks are money driven, xrp screams to you as a winner. 40%-80% savings is a no brainer. Have a great night OZ and thank you for your content.

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