Ripple , XRP , PetroDollars , SEC Delays Bitcoin ETF AGAIN

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33 thoughts on “Ripple , XRP , PetroDollars , SEC Delays Bitcoin ETF AGAIN

  1. We have Gnats in Minnesota by the trillions! They do not come and go, they are here always…..but do you know what is worse than Gnats? Bitcoin Maximalists are like Gnats!

  2. I go to the bar at Hooters oftern here in Myrtle Beach and listen to DAI on my ear phones. The Hooters girls think you are cool. I don't think they know much about digital assets unless I tip them in it. If you went to that Hooters in Savannah on 95 that one is pretty cool. Always a choice between Hooters and Sonnys BBQ when down that way

  3. This will take for ever. May be in our next generation. Blockchain technology is so complicated for todayโ€™s crooked generation to understand and how will change the world. They are not that smart to understand that is why you see rejection of Bitcoin ETF over and over again

  4. These SEC delays are deliberate. Its shows that there is significant opposition to crypto as a whole in the US. What else do they have to contend with. I'm sure they have an agenda and its to slow the progress down to a crawl. Their best case scenario would be that the market would crash as delays go on and on. endlessly.I don't think short of declaring Bitcoin illegal which would anger the world they have very little choice. As I have said may times " get out your USD toilet paper "

  5. It's exciting to see that hard working people will be able to send their money home without the banking industry predating on them. Ripple is gutting those strangle holders from the inside and I love it. Maxi's may never admit that Ripple is disrupting the financial system more than bitcoin ever could.

  6. DAI I am from north Georgia and let me tell you a little secret that the Alabama boys and gals do to get the gnats out of their face. They just cut a flap in the seat of their pants. Thanks for your content friend.

  7. Smoke a cigar or a pipe and the Gnats will stay away from your face and with those
    you don't inhale the smoke like a cigarette. Of course going to Hooters
    is a good alternative ๐Ÿ˜‰

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