SBI makes a giant transfer, Coinbase & Paypal, Ripple confirms XRP & Financial institution of Siam

Ripple Sees Large Urge for food In Asian Markets, Says Head Of Regulatory Relations For Europe, Dan Morgan

Ripple Sees Massive Appetite In Asian Markets, Says Head Of Regulatory Relations For Europe, Dan Morgan

Mr. Kitao of SBI Holdings to carry his share of mining to 30% to carry stability to the market and make is more healthy.

SBI Slides in English

Esoteric Buying and selling Options Educating Crypto Markets

36 thoughts on “SBI makes a giant transfer, Coinbase & Paypal, Ripple confirms XRP & Financial institution of Siam

  1. Eri, 12K views! You are quite the XRP YouTube star! Well deserved and wishing you many more views and subscribers over the next year. Keep up the great work.

  2. Money at the speed of email at cost of penny's globally with 100 percent tracking.
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    So many predictions on XRP
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  4. R3 corda Settler now using xrp as base currency. I think more use cases to come from R3 for xrp to come. Definite a lot of hard work from Mr.Kitao SBI..he means business! thank you Eri

  5. Did some calculations: only 265 000 people own more than 1k XRP
    according to Some bigger
    wallets are exchange wallets and therefore the number is more than 265k
    but must be less then 1 million people. There are around 36 millionaires
    in the world. These numbers crush the "we cant all be millionaires"
    argument. Woah we are early

  6. I have the Godzilla roar as the ringtone on my phone! I always keep the volume cranked up. I have made a few people really jump if they were near me in stores or lines. I have gotten a lot of strange looks and stares.

    I love Godzilla, thanks for giving him a mention!

  7. 1)What difference will obtaining 30% of mining do to any further forks ? What is he hoping to achieve by doing this ? 2) Would him gaining 30% of the mining add to centralisation or assist in decentralisation ? Seems to me eventually only large centralised corporations in low energy costing countries will control mining only cementing the centralised future for btc and all btc forks. 3) This gentlemen making a prediction holds so much more weight than your avg. tin foil hat guru on twitter, when he made that prediction it can be correctly assumed that he has more knowledge of XRP future usage and events that will help it achieve that prediction by EOY- the community has the right to question him and expect an answer. 4) Susie really has no idea of the crypto space, anyone who argues that xrp should be a security and it would be good for it to be deemed one loses my confidence immediately not to mention her ridiculous mathematics to obtain her price predictions, her asking for money for advice but stating on her website none of her advice should be taken as financial advice and lastly she cant even spell cryptocurrencies correctly on the front page of her website – she is a twit !

  8. Hi Eri. Very informative. Just wanted your thoughts on why the market is still bearish. Could it be manipulation from the big boys at the high end of town wanting to get the cheaply before the introduction of bakkt, fidelity and perhaps govt regulation?

  9. We are so fortunate to have Eri based in Japan, to be in touch with the developments in the east orient and maritime SE Asia

    Although Ripple and XRapid are american based, Asians en masse in the region are very technological minded and are at least 5 years ahead, doing stuff and trying new technologies that North Americans eventually catch up with.

    So it's logical that XRP will be quickly implemented and built in the East, and get into the game before the Americans do en masse. ASEAN nations can smell the money. 4 of every 7 people in the world are Asian. Plenty of money in ASEAN region, especially when the unbanked can finally participate in this Crytpo game

    Thanks Eri!

  10. Yes he was in a bull mood,there is no denying he supports ripple ,he owns 10 % of it.When your a major influences as CEO of SBI,you can't make predictions.Thank you for your efforts,Eri.

  11. In a few months we will see which coins the financial advisors will want to risk selling to their deep pocketed clients, the clients who can cause a person to lose their job.

  12. Very good content Eri…I don't think many understand the significance of SBI owning 30 percent of BCH hash rate. He is an honorable man. So many in this space think that decentralization answers everything, but it only does in principle. In action, it leaves a huge gap open for ego and greed and 51 percent attacks. The United States was founded on the theory of a decentralized government…where the people would watch the government and all power would not centralize in Washington due to checks and balances. How did that work out? The people are clueless and those in power simply go through lobbyists to get what they want done. Same in crypto…which is why it is good SBI is making the move it is making. The entire crypto community will benefit.

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