Shorting Ethereum, BITCOIN’s subsequent transfer, BinanceChain replace!

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What occurred to Bitcoin? Will Bitcoin return up or will Bitcoin crash once more? Find out how I shorted Ethereum (ETH) for earnings. Additionally, I am going over Binance's announcement that the Binance Chain platform is launching. Will Binance problem Ethereum? BNB coin worth.

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22 thoughts on “Shorting Ethereum, BITCOIN’s subsequent transfer, BinanceChain replace!

  1. Nice one. All the sheeple are now fully bearish, shorts are maxed and the big boys are pulling many bitcoins off the exchanges which decreases the capitalization of the exchanges, making it more difficult for them to keep shorting the market. The community doesn't get this negative until we're at or very near the bottom, and I've never seen a bear market extend past a year and a couple months so I'm pretty bullish. This next leg down everyone is predicting may or may not happen. I think the action I will take is to take no action and allow time to sort this thing out for me. I would continue to buy every payday, as I have for the last few years but I may have a medical issue coming up so I'll just let my paychecks accumulate in the checking account so I can handle the deductibles on whatever the medical bills turn out to be. Otherwise I would have continued my usual thousand dollar every payday bitcoin accumulation routine. Darn frailties of the human body are messing with my plans.

  2. i have been saying the same thing… We need a decentralized "Crypto" regulatory structure… for the decentralized space we are in. There is a Law of the Sea… like there is Law of the land. There is a difference and there should be a Law of Crpto/decentralized net…

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