One thing NEW & STRANGE YouTube Added to Movies You NEED to SEE!!

This is the Playlist I point out:

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47 thoughts on “One thing NEW & STRANGE YouTube Added to Movies You NEED to SEE!!

  1. ๐Ÿ”ฅHere's the Playlist I mention:

    In their psychopathic insanity (that's pretty insane, btw) there's a massive push to neutralize truth. It's not enough to censor content…they feel they have to "counteract misinformation." I'm actually glad. Because when you lay TRUTH alongside FICTION…the difference is clear to any rational-thinking human being who has at least two or three brain cells to rub together. The LAST THING Truth fears is SCRUTINY. Matter of fact, SCRUTINY is the friend of truth! Perhaps one of the BEST friends.

    If you wanna support my work here as I make more content to dispel the darkness with the light of TRUTH, LOGIC and BASIC HUMAN COMPASSION…here are some links for ya to consider: MANY thanks and MUCH love to you and yours – Brian

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  2. They can promote whatever they want,…. The facts are the majority of the people know the government can't tell the truth about anything and that number of people is growing everyday ! The government is the biggest threat We the people have today ! And this is heading in a very bad direction . I fear things will most likely get much worse before they get better. God bless us all.

  3. Thank you for your great work! This new 'feature' is similar to the "Fairness Doctrine" (equal points of view) that was demolished. (Now, Control – one party) My thoughts – a good thing – then you look further into the sources. Now if only they would bring the Fairness Doctrine to the Media and REINSTATE the Smith-Mundt Act. We may shake free of deep state propaganda BS. (?)

  4. How much have I spent on YouTube over the past 15 years? Zero. So show a little gratitude to Google for providing this incredible service. Thank you Google. Now if they want to steer people toward their views, just do what smart people do. Say sure, OK, and yes, and then think what you want. Be polite, humor them, and then donate your money to far right political groups.

  5. Did you see there's a special grand jury that's going to try a new 9/11 case with evidence that's been collected for the last 15 years of thermite and other explosive residue in the rubble and testimonies from structural engineers etc that it was a controlled demo also that energy weapons were used … I doubt they'll pin it on anyone important but at least the truth that it was an inside job will come out

  6. Dumbasses. The moon landing was real. The video was faked because their film fried passing thru the van Allen belt. Also because of the small chance Russia would beat them to the moon they wanted to be able to say they beat Russia. Besides the fact that they won't show real moon footage or mars footage or any real footage from space because there's UFOs and aliens everywhere. You think they're gonna show that? Yeah right.. and to whatever moron was talking about flat Earth read a motherfucking physics book from 5th grade and learn basic science that proves the earth is round yes they lie about almost everything but the earth is not fucking flat your just a gullible uneducated loser just like the rest of the flat earthers if I had my way I'd let the NWO have all of you idiots so you don't contaminate the gene pool

  7. I sent this feedback to the contextualization comment:
    "I love this video. I am glad that youtube contextualized it so that it provides me with a contrasting or conflicting ideology. Thus, I will no longer be brainwashed by anyone and be perfectly happy, well-informed, and even sleep better!"

  8. YT is a piece of shit platform ran by the Jews, censoring free speach and facts. Demonic pieces of shit.. you better hope Hell is not real, because that's where you will go when your wretched lives expire ๐Ÿ–•

  9. Accept and agree to our terms while we continue to aggressively try and brainwash you with the stupid AI we invented to keep steering all your browsing to the mentally I'll left.
    Eventually the great invention "the internet" will go the way of the other great inventions, televisions,
    FM radio and the Constitution until it all goes the way of the Dodo bird and Dinosaurs; EXTINCT!!!!

  10. Yeah, HighImpactVlogs, I noticed that info bar below your last some videos. Not all all of them, but most of them. I came to a similar conclusion as in your video. Also I was "raised" by the Bush Jr. Administration to believe literally 2,997 people died in the Two Towers that fateful day. They repeated that "fact" for over a fricken decade. It's now 2018 and the number of dead has inexplicably changed? Yep… these Luciferian and Satanic POSes in control of our planet can't even remember the details of the same lies and other deceptions they've been endlessly repeating for well over a decade straight. Thank you, Luciferians and Satanists for forgetting a number of intricate details of the single most devastating false flag attack on both the U.S. and all of Humanity on Earth.

  11. Where is that Donald Trump now?

    He is president of the US now, and what is he doing to get justice? Is he launching any investigation into the bomb claims?

    He is a puppet for the Zionists, a servant just like his masters the Rothschilds, and its time the American people started understanding this.

  12. How bout the well established airline pilots, stewardesses, scientist, engineers, physicists, architects, firefighters, police and many other well established and credible people who say 911 was BS?

  13. I get one of those on almost all the vids i see… 9-11, agenda 21, chemtrails, etc etc. They're categorizing us and making lists of dissonants with this bs.

  14. I watched a video the other day about the poison being dropped on us from chemtrails, and one of these "disinformation" panels came up. It was a wikipedia article about "contrails" and how they are nothing more than water vapor. Propaganda garbage!

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