The 1 Bitcoin Present- BTC wealth does not equal BTC affect! Monero, Andreas, Bstash, Coinbase

Baltimore, MD- I did not assume this crypto weekend was very thrilling. These form of durations are uncommon on this area. There's at all times information although and I'll share my ideas on what's going on within the land of Bitcoin and past. Tune in at 11:23PM Chicago time for this late evening 1 Bitcoin present! Pound that like button!

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Bitcoin wealthy doesn't imply affect.
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16 thoughts on “The 1 Bitcoin Present- BTC wealth does not equal BTC affect! Monero, Andreas, Bstash, Coinbase

  1. Andreas presentation is mostly his usual impassioned message. However like you, I do not let the 80% middle class off as easy as he does. If you are working and yet believe you are slipping, you are paying too much attention to the social mirror. Nearly all the people you are comparing yourself to are living on monthly minimum debt payment i.e. a debt slave! To be different you must act different. It is not easy in our consumerist culture but it can be done and it’s worth it. Just keep focusing on how great it will feel when you are in your 50s with no debts, no tethers, no one forcing your to work to pay for the effing Volvo! It’s as close to paradise as you can get on this planet.

  2. Andreas knows what he’s talking about. Average median real income stagnant since the 1970’s for the bottom 90% while top CEO income has increased 355X compared to 40X in the 1970”s.Financial investment managers earn 588 million 19,000X the average worker compared to 1970’s at 150X. There income increase since 1975 looks like the bitcoin chart in 2017. The Ceo’s pay is not decided by a free market but by board members and directly tied to stock performance of which they use corporate buybacks instead of investing in real economy. "CRONY CAPITALISM” Look at the price of healthcare and housing, how the hell is the rest of the population supposed to increase their purchasing power. Someone needs to speak up, this isn’t about right or left its REAL bulls*#t going down. Yeah that is one of the main reasons Im into bitcoin

  3. I gotta hand it to you sir, you always have a positive outlook and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. You are restoring my faith in humanity. Keep being you!

  4. As a fan of both you and Andreas, I can see how you're both saying the same kinds of things, but in different ways; like in the story of the blind men touching an elephant and describing what it's like in different ways. For you, the 80%ers get the most blame, for Andreas the central bankers get the most blame. In the end, you're both describing different facets of the same problem, which I think can be summed up in one word: culture. This isn't a financial battle, or even a technological battle, but a cultural battle. And culture is such a huge, vast topic, that it's no wonder to me that you, Andreas, and others are describing the problem differently. Bitcoin cannot go mainstream until the overall culture of the world changes enough to allow it to go mainstream, and both you and Andreas are key players in helping our overall culture change for the better.

  5. Andreas blame the banks because he is from Greece and if you look few years back you will see what happens there!! I am from Bulgaria which board with Greece and same thing happens there on 2014 when the biggest bank in the country collapse. A lot of people lost their money! I was lucky to take mine back because up to 100 000 euros are protected but it's happened 1 and half year later. I heard about Bitcoin on the same time and I couldn't invest because of that. ANDREAS HATING THE BANKS SO DO I!!!

  6. ‘Outrageous’ Andreas video in the links!

    Still, there is a film ‘The Big Short’ about 2008 crash with Christian Bale and Brad Pitt! Worth a watch if you have time!

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