The Crypto Winter Is Right here, And We Solely Have Ourselves To Blame

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Bitcoin Purchase/Promote Triggers, Ethereum Halvening, and Banks Providing XRP Storage

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💬 I'm not a monetary adviser and this isn't monetary recommendation. I am only a humble man with an awesome ardour for all issues block-chain, even tangle and block-lattice.

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48 thoughts on “The Crypto Winter Is Right here, And We Solely Have Ourselves To Blame

  1. "when banks print money out of nothing" Say, remember that year when your dollars suddenly dropped 80%? No? me neither! Digital tulips for greedy folks who refuse to learn anything from history. One beanie baby for one bitcoin.

  2. Stake is sponsoring this video, you muggy peice of shit, you do realise your little home town in the country won’t stop your legs been snapped ? Owww boy when your seen!!

  3. Your friend should call their bluff, when I first bought bitcoin my bank wasn't letting the transaction through. But I called them and said if they wouldn't I'd just switch banks, never had an issue afterwards.

  4. Crypto's value is now fully controlled by Market speculators with Futures, ETF's (?) and Trader pump/dump scams on unregulated exchanges.
    Is that a SAFE and STABLE place to store your wealth?

  5. I would really love seeing you doing a video about bicore! Imo this coin will explode as soon the bullrun starts! Bitcore is much faster than bitcoin with lower transaction fees and the team is working hard for mass adoption, so people can use bitcore in their daily life

  6. btc is already killed by manipulation and greed. It is as worse as our polical banking system. The only reason for existence would be making speculative hodlers rich who would sell at an eventual next peak and never take the risk again. The only cure for our corrupt bankingsystem would be giving all the people in the world a same amount of a nondeflationay coin and see where this experiment would go. That would be honest and revolutionary. Not btc because it is all about the money. Let us at least be honest to our own monkeybrain.

  7. This whole bitcoin thing is total bs. You are intresting blend of false hopes, wishful thinking, conspiracy theories and above all complete shutdown of rationality. Please remember to HODL to zero.

  8. BTC is going on a sky diving holiday this Christmas!, the alt coins are base jumping. Mass adoption or covert manipulation – which of these is the rain maker?

  9. Fomo'ed in on the shorts and am crushing it. Do you guys think I could go from rich to wealthy by 2k BTC? I need to know who's this guys barber. Looking good YouTube dude!

  10. If you have all your crypto on Nano Ledger and you keep that Nano Ledger in a safety deposit box at the bank. Technically the bank still holding your crypto..right?

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