The Hottest New Telephone, International Wildlife Catastrophe, & Tron Smashing Ethereum – Crypto & Bitcoin Information

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency information – Tron places the stress on Ethereum, world environmental catastrophe, and Sirin Labs launches their cellphone.

G20 Cryptocurrency

Breaking: G20 Discusses International Cryptocurrency Tax

Tron Gaming Fund

Tron Privateness

Cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) Will Soon Be a Privacy Coin, Says Founder and CEO Justin Sun

Matrix AI

Singularity Internet

Sirin Labs

Wildlife catastrophe

In 45 years, we have killed 60% of Earth’s wildlife


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50 thoughts on “The Hottest New Telephone, International Wildlife Catastrophe, & Tron Smashing Ethereum – Crypto & Bitcoin Information

  1. I’m Israeli and ashamed to say in this instance… Sirin labs owner is a total scam…. Hogag the owner known to raise a few start ups then neglect them ….. after drying up the money… Do Not invest in him watch out he already plans to neglect the new phone project…!!!!! In general it’s been a trend in israel the past few years…. do an ICO and screw the investors…!!!!!

  2. So awesome that you try to raise awareness for environmental and self-care issues and give hints on the easy things everyone can do! And still relating it to the basic topic of your channel! Loving it! Awesome job!

  3. Hey crypto lark what do you think about veganism. Being vegan is the best thing we as an individual can do to combat climate change, world hunger, etc. What do you think of this?

  4. The Finney costs about the same as an iPhone. But one has lots of apps and widespread adoption that makes it feel like less of a risk. I would buy the Finney once it became more popular, but I'm not an early adopter when it comes to consumer tech. I want it after all the early adopters have worked out the bugs.

    I also agree that blockchain is desperately needed when it comes to property rights, though it may be less useful where corruption is most severe. We have to keep in mind that there is no contract that trumps a gun in the hands of a solider with the backing of the government. First there must be a will to enforce property rights. Then the blockchain can make it more consistent and reliable, and thwart the small time crooks who don't have government backing.

    Eat local, and keep it real. Don't fall for false arguments by those with an agenda trying to convince you against the science. That's agricultural, climate, chemicals, etc. For example, do you know how much impact we have on the planet when we clear forests that housed many animals to create fields for growing vegetables and grains? And then there is the pollution caused. Whether we eat animals or just drive them out so we can grow something else where they used to live, whenever we eat from factory farms we do harm. Only eating locally from small farms/ranches can actually feed the world's people without accelerating harm to other species as our population grows. There are so many truisms about what actually helps/hurts that just aren't true. We can't afford to indulge that anymore.

  5. I wouldnt get the finney or the upcoming exodus 1. Its so early plus the price tag is super high. If I had .5 bitcoin to throw around and I can afford the phone without hurting my budget I would buy it. But as of right now I dont absolutely need it and I know how to secure my bitcoin without a cold storage cell phone.

  6. Thank you thank you thank you for speaking up about your ethics- so true!!! If I could like this video another one thousand times, I would! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. I lived in America for 22 yrs. I have never witnessed so much disrespect for food, meaning that people, (not all) would purchase & throw away food unnecessarily. Also, recycling, or lack there of, was also an issue. Consumer products like paper towels were used in abundance. THe average family had 4+ cars. The list goes on….This was in California, so not sure about other states.

  8. That is a shocking percentage rate for the killing of the earths wildlife Lark!!

    People say doing my gold panning is bad for the environment but yet the impact of that 1/3 for no reason statistics is contributed by them who say I shouldn’t pan in rivers, streams etc..

  9. Good video Lark. What humans are doing to the environment sickens me. I try do do what I can, myself and my children are all vegan. We buy ethical and sustainable products where we can. Try to use less plastic. Buy locally if possible. We recycle, upcycle, donate used items. I am even in the process of setting up an indoor vertical farm here in Scotland to produce amazing healthy food in a sustainable and efficient manner. No chemicals, no GMO, very little land use, recycling water, re composting used soil, using little energy and not shipping product all over the country. Just supplying good, health food locally.

    I feel I am fighting a losing battle though. We need all youtubers and other influencers to talk about this more. Please keep discussing this on your channel mate 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  10. I just mentioned this on another video where the youtuber seem to think we needed some form of taxes.. "Do some real in depth video on how taxes work in this new space. It is to i's opinion taxes aren't really justified. Cryptocurrency is considered real money and the dollar is considered debt. With that being said, who is justified or claims to be beneficiary to a tax and what for? What authority?"
    Your thoughts?

  11. In regards to people understanding that we collectively have much more power than our Gov. officials, how many people do you think actually get that concept? And once one does understand that how do we collectively gather our "power" in a unified manner if we can rely on the current Gov structures? Or is it that we "as the people" just aren't using our government structures/system the way we should (the "somebody else is taking care of that" dilemma).

  12. #GoVegan The human body runs best on plant fuel. Animal products cause damage to both our bodies AND the environment. The time is now to make the change and evolve. Plant based and blockchain based lifestyle is the future for humanity.

  13. Over 2,000 years ago a bibical text encouraged us to be fruitful and multiply. Okay guys, wake up! We are way beyond that point! Hopefully NOT beyond the point of no return.

  14. Bhutan as a country has taken on the task of taking care of its ecology and its people, but it's only a tiny country and unfortunately for them, sandwiched between China and India. They call themselves "carbon neutral" even though I have a big problem with that assertion because it's impossible, it's still pretty impressive what they've managed to do. They're not exactly technology friendly though.

  15. SRN made way to much money during ICO. They are late to the game and half the $$$ went to Messi for a bear market push. Too little to late…. Thanks again Lark

  16. I do think that getting the taxation sorted would help the cryptospace BIG time. One of the main reasons why most people haven't invested much in cryptos back in Europe is the blur surrounding the taxation.

    For millennials with meager salaries, the idea that investing in cryptomarkets could spell a 40% tax down the line is just off putting. Until the legal matters are cleared, no young gun in his/her prime is going to take cryptoassets seriously nor pour his/her money in it. And when you know that the ONLY thing that cryptocurrencies need (way before they call for retail investment) is a fair share of adoption (a lady CEO recently quoted 10M users), not having ordinary people dip their toes in the cryptotub is essentially doing more damage than the recent price drop.

  17. If one goes down the climate change rabbit hole deep enough, one comes to the conclusion that we are going to be extinct within two decades.

    This sounds nuts, but what most people don't understand is that there are self-enforcing feedback loops that are EXPONENTIAL in nature. Lot's of them.

    The north pole will have NO ICE at around 2022. The white ice at the poles reflects enormous amounts of sunlight energy, whereas the blue of open ocean absorbs most of the energy. We're talking millions of square kilometers. After the first ice-free polar event, the warming will be at the vertical part of the exponential chart.

    We only have 20 years left. Check out Paul Beckwith's channel. This is kind of important.

  18. You're not going to convince mass amounts of people to stop eating meat. The best hope in reality is lab grown meat. If it can be made efficiently it's an obvious choice. The same can be said for other animal products, such as ivory. If we could grow 10 meter long chunks of ivory in a factory, why would poachers have a market anymore?

  19. I have to congratulate you on spreading awareness such a understandable way thet the people spacely new people in the space rally get the point of decentralised blockchain and the need for it. Thank you and long live the blockchain! ; )

  20. Thanks for the update! It is crazy the waste, vote with your feet and where you spend your dollar is a very powerful choice we all can individually make.

  21. In the meantime Cocos BCX is launching their own private blockchain and the first 2 public chains supported will be ETH and NEO , man when that Tron bubble pops it will be epic x)

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