The Investing Pattern That Will DEFINE 2019!

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31 thoughts on “The Investing Pattern That Will DEFINE 2019!

  1. It showed people the Power of smart contracts. Stopped watching there, only fraud and dumbness came out of that shit. Name one useful app that lives on the eth platform or any other platform. All Dead projects.

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  4. if we digitalize money and services…why not land and grounds?
    if (it will..) the whole Internet becomes full VR experience i think that ''digital asset lands/properties'' will be the next thing after cryptos. The real estate of Internet

  5. One of the most solid altcoins is Electroneum, they are weary cheep, got one of the biggest team and are one of the top 10 coins in number of transactions. Electroneum already got KYC/AML as they wanted in G20. Electroneum (ETN)are in this moment doing live testing in the mobil market in Turkey, Brazil, South Korea, Hong Kong. ETN is accepted as a payment metode in over 400 Woocomerc shops (ETN free plugin) and much more. They got Sign deals with more than 15 mobile operators, they got a reach to over 800M people in thru mobile streams a mobil gaming company and so on. ETN is fore now under the radar to most crypto investors and ETN is targeting the 99% and not the 1% that is in cryptos. I really belive ETN is a sleeping giant that can boom because they are doing so much great work on the business end of the product. howe many coins got a back office for fiat paring that the accountants approve? They are with KYC/AML working inside of the up coming regulation and the current regulation on the same way as Pay pal. The coin is fully decentralised and ASIC mined, the ETN company are a fin-tech company that creates solutions like instant payment and so on. ETN first scaling are done and they are now ready to teak on many hundreds of millions of users and they got fiat pairing in : Turkey lira, yen, dollar, rupee, Brazilian local money, Euro and a few more you can check fore your self. Many of the deals they got live can be checked at London Stock exchange as a exchange message. There is so much positive to tell so do a real resource and you will be positive . There is also a lot of FUD but it have been only noice and proved wrong time after time.

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