The MeToo Motion Is Backfiring Towards Girls… Once more?!

The MeToo Motion Is Backfiring Towards Girls… Once more.
The newest from Bloomberg exhibits what number of males are actively avoiding ladies and even canceling work associated social occasions out of a concern they might be falsely accused or taken out of context.
That is leading to fewer males working with and mentoring ladies.

However in response many ladies have merely mentioned that its males refuse to work with them they might merely file discrimination complaints.
Evidently the push for social justice has no affordable resolution as feminists push from all sides. The one end result that looks as if can be gender segregation.


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40 thoughts on “The MeToo Motion Is Backfiring Towards Girls… Once more?!

  1. By "man up" do you mean chill out? The resolution seems to be to relax don't be so easily offended and stop making Mel feel like you are out to get them. So basically there is no resolution.

  2. Then
    I'm old fashioned. I'd like for a man to approach me first for a date.
    Can't get a date with a guy without having to hide in the bushes with a rag soaked in chloroform. Thanks alot #metoo.

  3. Neal D Tyson should have invited other people to the same wine and cheese session, though it's also reasonable that the person you work with, is the person that gets invited.

    The question would be, has he done this before with other people, including male assistants and male co-workers?

  4. these woman are going to extra mile to get every man possible to look bad. I'll say this if your not comfortable with eh invite then don't go you just look stupid bu going and saying you felt creeped out YOU put yourself in the situation that I'm sure was just fine. This PC shit is getting out of hand and in the end they will end up pushed out of all big positions and bring the woman work force back to the Stone Age with all their lets accuse all men. FUCK FEMINISTS!!!

  5. I am so f**cking sick and tired of these snowflakes that expect the rest of the world to walk on eggshells just for them. It's gotten to the point where you can't say anything, do anything, express an opinion or thought without someone crying and saying that they have been "offended."

    I am also amused that a woman can call a male co-worker "sweetheart" or "honey" and it is perfectly acceptable, (I get called this all the time and personally don't mind it at all,) but if a male should say this to a woman, it's instant "sexual harassment," thus, two sets of rules here; one for men and one for women.

    Now, I sympathize completely with any woman who has been truly preyed upon by a man, and I agree that they shouldn't have to put up with it, but the whole accusatory attitude is out of control. It has gotten to a point where men are becoming afraid of even speaking with a woman. There are a lot of women out there that will accept a sincere complement from a guy they find attractive yet if the same sincere complement is given to them by a guy they don't find attractive, it becomes instant "harassment" or they are "offended." I know of men who actually refused to ask a woman, who they were sincerely interested in, out on a date because they feared that in asking, they might be accused of some horrific offense. No wonder why there is a movement of men joining MGTOW. Can you blame them?

  6. As a woman, I'm so glad to be me. I can talk to men and not think that all of them are trying to take me. I can sit in my make boss' office and have a decent conversation. My male co-workers are not afraid to speak to me without thinking Imma file sexual harassment. I have a boyfriend and we have a daughter and its a peaceful home. I love not stressing over all of this bullshit bc that's what this is.. bullshit. Yes men shouldn't rape, but all men do not go out n rape. Men wanna work n take care of their families just like we do. So enough of this bullshit. Can we go back to where adulthood was so damn simple?
    Sincerely a woman

  7. Just FYI – VP Pence's strategy of not being alone with any woman, other than his wife, does not preclude him hiring or working with other women. He just makes sure or has to make sure there is someone else with them (a sort of chaperone). This is not a case of fear of #metoo, but rather protecting his marriage and is a faith-based decision; not allowing doubt and dissension to come between he and his wife regarding other women.

  8. Stop pandering and calling the '#' a hashtag. It has always been known as the "pound" symbol, except for the limeys and their '£' for the pound sterling.
    Thus, heap more on the feminazis and call it the "poundmetoo" movement. Why should anyone be surprised that men will take radical steps to protect themselves? Could it be that the droves of good men supporting their families do not need the risk and grief of false accusations? Whoda thunk it??

  9. Women always want to play the victim but when a man is sexually abused people laugh at him and say and I quote “Stop being A B🤬h” . MeTooMovement is highly hypocritical

  10. Tim as a conservative male I've been enjoying your videos lately. You provide sorely needed calm discussion. I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest you are in a slow process of being red pilled. 👍

  11. Being treated with the tough realities of life will lead to growth and I hope that these women grow into better people when the reality of their actions settles in. Its important to face harsh realities and not be coddled from their guilt

  12. me personally I was lately just ignoring them but now I avoid women. the way I see women are power hungry and metoo gave them the ultimate edge as if society and the legal system had not given them enough power as it is. I think the smart thing for men to do is avoid women entirely especially in the work place if that leads to segregation in the work place so be it. just in that one neil degrass Tyson story you tell the flaws in her case from the jump. I never seen a woman who feels threatened or feels that a man is going to seduce her willing go to his place. right their her whole he is a rapist monster who wanted to devour me alive story goes right down the toilet. clearly she was after something most likely money and when he did not fold like wet paper she concocted the whole story to get her way even so. this metoo crap is just like false rape claims in which a woman can destroy a man be it false and yet she remains intact. this whole situation is doing irreversible gender relations damage that women will have learn to deal with and suck it up. women for decades have been generalizing men and I find it to be a stroke of divine justice that now with this they get the same treatment and are viewed as potential dangers to a work place environment. if women must be segregated to one sector of work It is better than having one man accused falsely in the name of social justice.

  13. Harvey Weinstein looks like a fucking pig however he wasn’t inventing any women who had no clue they knew what was up and went they did to get ahead and what one or two came forward cause their Careers were flopping

  14. My son is 17 and for the past few years he has been expressing his issues with interacting with females in the future. Personally, Im scared shitless for him. He is very outgoing but always respectful, what if his extrovert behaviour is taken as something else?

  15. unfortunately simply trying to avoid woman will not be enough. just being within a close enough proximity to women will be enough to get a man accused of sexual assault if they and a female are simply not in a densely populated area for a few minutes.
    claims are reality. belief is truth.

  16. There is a lot more than a 1 in 1 million of a chance. I would say around 1 out of 10 000 which is a lot higher than a lottery ticket. And getting easily offended is about 1 in 3. SO you have to be stupid to hire a woman, unless if she is over 60 perhaps.

  17. I disagree with the author. I see no signs that any of this is slowing down. If anything, it's gaining more steam. I keep my head down, my mouth shut, and just try to make it to retirement, where I can quietly exit society and go on my way.

  18. BUT is it really discrimination to hire a man over a woman? Or invite them over ? What if they are gay? 2 men can have wine and cheese and one not accuse the other of harrassment? Or what if she is a female but that evening is identifying as a Male? Is harrassment not possible? Does that make it gay? What if a woman accuses a man of harassment, but he claims he was a woman at that time ? Does that make them lesbians? Can I watch? But none of these hypotheticals touch on the main issue here. And that is- who the f_ck still invites people over for wine and cheese? That's such a Neil Degrase Tyson

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