The TRUTH About Veganism & Psychological Sickness (SCIENCE!) | Cory McCarthy


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My video – The TRUTH About Vitamin B12 (VEGANS VS. NON-VEGANS!)

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On this video I deal with a subject that's always introduced up as an argument and/or assault towards veganism, vegans, and the vegan neighborhood again and again.

Does veganism CAUSE psychological sickness? Or is it purely correlation? And whether it is causal, what is the root of the issue? And, extra importantly, what could be performed about it? On this video I discover the science!

32 thoughts on “The TRUTH About Veganism & Psychological Sickness (SCIENCE!) | Cory McCarthy

  1. Carnists, and those who use, abuse, and murder animals show varying degrees of psychopathy. This is because they lack empathy and contribute to murder. Vegans do not do this at all. Yet, those same carnists claim that vegans are mentally ill when in fact the EXACT opposite is true! The irony does not escape us.

  2. say whatever doomsayer ignorant theorizing of course your conclusive nastiness that veganism is the cause of margiunalizing the only diet humanity is physically made up in so many exasmples i dont need to start
    AND the reality in which tortuous twisted hellscape conditions in which the animals are forced to endure
    the reality of eating meat has no defense or excuse for their appaling lack of ability to feel empathy or compassion and clearely your life is lead void of the natural human applicagtion of right vs wrong so i refuse to listen to some devil try and patheticly and so hopelessly justify that behavior or try and tell me (a
    ]dedidicated vegan for well over 35 years and in-th-know all day every day but the meat eater in the darkest of ignorance as to factual truths involved in every possible in light of veganism. and ive suffered through
    listening to excoses and their impossiblistic no connection to reality graping and reaching proviing the most riodiculous excuses that apparently i should accept and just somehow their fools arrogance will negate all the truth based

  3. I personally don't give a fuck what they eat just mind ya fucking business while I eat my STEAK 🤣🤣🤣🤣😜😜😜🐂🐂🐂🐂💯🙋🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  4. Knowing the truth about veganism doesn't have to make you depressed. If that's the only meaningful thing in your life, and you're missing some nutrients, you will probably get depressed. Use cronometer, eat enough healthy fats, and be mindful of your diet and lifestyle.

  5. In my personal experience, I've had a major depressive episode after going vegan. I've always supplemented with B12, D3, EPA-DHA. I've always eaten a balanced diet. I experienced depression because of the impact that being vegan had on my social life. It's so uncommon in Italy and it's socially acceptable to insult vegans for no particular reason. With that being said, the isolation that I experienced was certainly an important factor, but there were other pieces of the puzzle that contributed to my depression, included shit that was rooted in my childhood. I've dealt with it, it certainly scarred me and sometimes it still affects me, but veganism itself is certainly not to blame.

  6. I predict you will be a carnivore/omnivore/non-vegan in 1-2 years if not sooner. Veganism simply is not sustainable, and it will show as you age horribly and degenerate quickly with age. Studies can be manipulated, so follow your gut. Your European ancestors would be appalled at this stupid movement, and I think the only reason you keep this lifestyle is out of pride.

  7. When I became a vegan 30 years ago, I noticed the diet attracted people who already had some kind of mental illness. I mostly met these other vegans at potlucks. Of course, this was the face of veganism during that time and probably didn't do us any favors. Oh well!

  8. Another factor that could possibly contribute to the proclivity to mental illness among vegans is the fact that liberal types are disproportionally represented. People who a predisposed to left-wing attitudes typically score lower in trait conscientiousness and higher in neuroticism than people of a conservative persuasion. That in combination with the points you outlined in the video probably explain any disparity in average mental-health.
    Great video as always man.

  9. I think a huge proportion of mentally ill vegans were mentally ill before going vegan. I think it has something to do with being more empathetic and emotional.


    Vegans score higher in neuroticism the same way lefties do in general. This is obviously a predisposition to mental illness, and we know personality traits are significantly heritable so it's reasonable to assume veganism just attracts these high neuroticism types and that explains the rate of mental illness. There's other similar studies too.

  11. I got depressed before I was vegan because I felt bad about the shit going on in the world and my own head. But then I became vegetarian, then vegan and dealt with my thought patterns and never been depressed again. But I think sensitive people, people sensitive to injustice, are more easily to get affected by bad shit happening, and thus get easier depressed BUT also probably go vegan easier because they are more sensitive to injustice. So often there is correlation but not causation.

  12. Maybe being vegan people are more likely to be depressed because they are acutely aware of the massive suffering of animals caused by humans and it seems tragic and impossible to fix that it depresses the hell out of them? The vegans I know that are depressed are generally only depressed for that reason and have otherwise happy lives.

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