These COPS Need to STEAL Your Automotive for One thing THIS MINOR!!

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34 thoughts on “These COPS Need to STEAL Your Automotive for One thing THIS MINOR!!

  1. Welcome to MAD MONDAY. These people are insane. That this would even have to make it to ANY court…let alone the SUPREME COURT testifies to the moral bankruptcy of the people running this system and RUINING LIVES!

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  2. Government is allways looking for ways to tax and Steal from Americans that's why they have state attorney's to help them sreew people over with their unjust so-called laws.

  3. 100 % they are scum I call them "doughnut eating tax collectors" and they have no right to take a mans property I live in Ontario, and our Prime Minister Peter Pan , legalized Pot. So because of the driving high thing The Government made a law that they can come to your house up to 2 hours after you get home. and give you a breathalyzer. And if you refuse they will charge you with impaired anyway. I know fuckoff but they can…now that's overreach

  4. In 2014, Civil Forfeiture Laws (not criminal forfeiture, but civil) allowed the government to steal more from the American people than the criminal class did for the first time in history. No crimes, no presumption of innocence. You must prove you were not conducting any criminal activity in their courts to get your property back … if you can.

  5. CAF which the majority of Politicians and LEA's just absolutely love, is factually unlawful per the US Constitution. And is one of the primary and most GLARING examples of the massively corrupt and fascist Roman Canon Law being fraudulently applied and ALLOWED in "US" Courts and on US soil! Don't believe me, research it. And while your at it, include Admiralty Law and Universal Commercial Codes! Humanity is being played over and over again by very sadistic entities. Never forget that these people when given the opportunity legalized slavery and indentured servitude which they brutally and insanely ENFORCED!!

  6. My favorite is when they impound vehicles for no insurance or registration and the impound is more than the vehicle is worth.  So basically they just steal a car from poor people and make it even harder to earn a living on low wages.  These forfeiture laws have always been a pet peeve of mine.  Of course originally they were just meant to take from drug dealers but its always a slippery slope.

  7. Like how they prey on those in need with TITLE LOANS and justify theft by calling it a 'lien'. But we're talking about someone's livelihood. Why would anyone think it is okay to take your property without due process. Yes I owe money and I fully intend to repay so I deserve some lien-iency 😏 and enough time to catch up. NOT lies and robbery.

  8. Then it is time to overthrow the government! Be careful scotus's we are watching you. And what may be legal under the law is not necessarily right or moral. I will be writing to my congressional and Senate members about this law. Stealing someone's car for speeding is beyond unconscionable. And suspicion of a crime is different than committing a crime. And if a pig ever tries to steal my car because I was speeding, you are going to have a dead pig.

  9. I think it's very telling and interesting that foreign vehicles have a higher implied value on an American supreme court and that subtle differences is the REAL threat to your constitutional remunerations.
    Move to france for your Boogody

  10. asset forfeiture is theft, graduated income tax is theft, mandatory health and car insurance is theft any and all mandatory compliance is theft. this crooked and corrupt government(beast) system has been stealing for the public forever. and after they have sucked you dry they throw you in your grave and start on your children.

  11. I posted this info last week asking other Hoosiers to call the State’s Attorney’s Office, as I did. So far, nothing! Thankfully, SCOTUS laughed at this idiot, Solicitor General and cut him down to size! Power mongers must be removed, even here in Indiana!

  12. The powers that be cant wait for a corrupt cop to get blown away. Civil unrest is a good crisis for them. Too bad we don't hire cops smart enough to know the difference between right and wrong.

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