Tim Draper: “All Occasions Are Good Occasions To Enter The Crypto Market”

Enterprise capitalist Tim Draper sees the crypto market crash as a possibility and predicts a shiny future for Bitcoin.

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Tim Draper: “All Occasions Are Good To Enter The Crypto Market”

24 thoughts on “Tim Draper: “All Occasions Are Good Occasions To Enter The Crypto Market”

  1. I agree, Cryptocoin is the future. I will hold 5, 10, or 15 years, as long as it takes.

    Now Tim, I know you have gobs and gobs of money so could you toss a few bucks at your hair stylist to trim those eyebrows?

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  3. This fool also invested and lost money in Theranos, yet he still keeps defending Elizabeth Holmes. He still doesnt have the courage to admit that he made the wrong investments or gave wrong investment advise to people.

  4. XRP is gonna take over BTC. As you said "it's just better currency". You've been PLAYED by the "BTC is King 👑" community. People aren't gonna use fax machines when they've got the internet to send emails.

  5. Another billionaire trying to shill his 30,000 bitcoins with false prophecies and gibberish talk..trying to get naive sheep on board…for no ones gain but his own..wise up.

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