Why Crypto WILL Pump Once more

The crypto markets and the inventory market are largely speculative in nature. The earlier inventory market crashes have not scared further cash to return into the house and even the folks destroyed within the DOT COM bubble or the true property bubble typically instances reentered the market.

29 thoughts on “Why Crypto WILL Pump Once more

  1. Even after being destroyed by the DOT COM crash or the Real Estate Bubble crash a lot of those people ended up back in the stock and option markets. Overtime even more people have participated in those markets because accessibility got easier. There was a time when people had to pay full service brokers like $50 or more to execute a trade in the stock market. Then the online discount brokers like Scottrade and Fidelity came along and were offering $7 or $8 trades. More and more people were able to access the Internet and participate at home in these markets. The same will go for crypto. The on ramps get easier overtime and more coins are being offered through those institutions. I can guarantee that this next pump will blow our minds like the last couple of pumps. It will go inconceivably high. At the end of the day don't under estimate people's greed. If for no other reason….. the crypto markets will go parabolic again out of pure greed even if we made no technological advancements.

  2. Picked up some POWR. Probably not exciting enough for some. Look at what they are doing / can do for the average person even at the micro level with power supply. Lots of potential me thinks! Also hodling AGI.

  3. I’ve been patiently waiting for my target practices than I’m buying more even if I’ve burnt a lot myself… anyway the risk must be taken to achieve what we dream for…. I wish us crypto-believers the best 🍀

  4. I agree that the market will pump again. I think everyone was betting on the potential of crypto which overinflated the price. Once crypto starts to demonstrate its actual usefulness people will want to jump on that train again (to become bitty-rich😀) and the market will rebound.
    Not sure about XMR. I do like it and I used to hold some XMR. In one way privacy coins could be in great demand but on the other hand, will governments put so many restrictions in place that they become un-usable? If you can't spend it or trade it for something you can spend, then what value will it have?

  5. If Stellar hits .10 I’m going heavy. If Icon hits .20 I’m going to increase my position. And of course good ol’ Bitcoin at 3,300 and continue to buy as it goes lower. Ripple as well if it hits .20.

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