This market buying and selling evaluation applies to numerous exchanges, together with Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can attain 20ok once more and if we will likely be seeing a crypto foreign money market restoration this 12 months. Issues just like the lightning community have offered large enhancements for BTC and whereas it's true that others like Roger Ver with Bitcoin Money (bcash) could disagree, I do see these blockchain expertise improvements to be very bullish basic indicators for the area.

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47 thoughts on “Why I Suppose The Bitcoin Backside IS IN! – BTC/CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING ANALYSIS

  1. I love charts and agree with your analysis of it were a well established equity. However Bitcoin has had some substantial material changes since 2015 which qualifies a reset of analysis to only consider only the most recent trends, perhaps the past year or so only. Can you do the same analysis but only include the charts for the past year? That would be interesting.

  2. There are now dozens of small digital currencies trading for just a few cents that are moving up dramatically over very short periods; like Asch traded for few cents at first but in less than 3 months $100=$,570. NolimitCoin traded for few cents but now $100= $5,348 in 6 days. MediterraneanCoin traded for few cents but now $100= $8,313 in 3 months. Bitcoin is high now so my thoughts is investing on other coin use them to build Bitcoin and once the bull market is back taking your profit and buy back Bitcoin. The platform I invest on uses its mining prediction tools which give you edge over others.

  3. Patience is what we all need, but I tell ya all now is the best time to buy more Bitcoin invest and wait once Bitcoin is low then the market value will go high and that will be the best time to sell.

  4. The best thing to do is short on 6000 (or a little above) BUT everybody is saying this and this keeps me concerned… I am NOT going long…But with all the manipulation going on. I do expect a F**king big short squeeze up to…??? 7000 dollar. What do you think Sami? You are saying for months now to go short on 6000 🙂

  5. 9:55 btw your math was right at first
    123 is more than 3*38 so almost 3x xd
    your math is good but we always mess up and erase what we solve and write the wrong answer like a boss and leave the test hall 😆

  6. @13:30, looking at it, I do suspect that we could be in a Bart pattern and could have a $1k drop candle back to the $4000's. Reckon we'll be in this accumulation phase for a while. People seem to think it's a case of hitting the Golden Cross and then Mooning. But last time we had a Golden Cross, dipped back to a Death cross a couple of months later, then re-rose to a Golden Cross like a month after that and then started to climb

  7. Reasoning it is possible we "are at" Nov 2014 right now even with the 50Dema approaching 200Dema aside (which is more like the post-bottom phase, what we see now).
    Monthly candle chart, pull up 21ema. Look at Nov 2014. BTC had just had 4 months dropping and crossed under for the first time.
    Nov 2014 was the FIRST RETEST with wick above the 21ema. Then 65% drop.
    Now, we just had 4 red monthly candles, fell under the all-important 21ema for the first time, and are just now retesting it for the FIRST TIME.
    The monthly candle 21 ema is how nearly all professionals ID "generally bearish" or "generally bullish."
    Also, NVT was red on Nov 2014. It is red now.
    Yes, the 50 and 200 are more congruent to post-bottom phase last 14-15' crash. However, there are many signals pointing to congruence to Nov 2014, too.
    Also, everyone knows that larger cap markets move slower… so, it is supposed to be longer. I think that point of yours is 100% invalid.
    Bullish sentiment simply creates liquidity for a huge dump, man.
    I still think 50/50 that the 3900-4K level could hold us for the rest of times from this point. But 50/50 that we see 1900-2200.

  8. I know you are not completely in agreement with Alessio which is why I watch your analysis to get a different perspective. However one thing I do agree with Alessio is that more likely than not we will at least retest 3100 and its certainly a good possibility that we could break 3100 which Alessio believes we will. We may not dip much lower but I personally could see us dropping to $2400-$2900. Any lower would be shocking but is also still on the table just depends on how much fear takes control of the market.

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