Why You SHOULD Be Shopping for Bitcoin

On this video we discover among the basic similarities between the dot com bubble and the crypto bubble. Not so shockingly, there are a TON of similarities and based mostly on that, it is best to undoubtedly be shopping for bitcoin proper now as an alternative of getting out of the market.

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Disclaimer: I'm not a licensed monetary skilled! That is NOT skilled monetary recommendation and my outcomes are definitely not assured. I've some good education on monetary analysis and have performed intensive analysis into crypto and different investments, however by no means make investments greater than you're keen to lose. Be protected, and lets all earn some cash collectively!

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50 thoughts on “Why You SHOULD Be Shopping for Bitcoin

  1. I should be buying bitcoin to increase it's price and you don't lose so much money selling it. That's why I should be buying bitcoin.
    Other than that, I would stay away from a crashing coin.

  2. Dude, secrets out. Bitcoin has failed as a store of value, and the crypto industry has failed to build a use-case. Gov. isn't looking kindly on traders basically selling false hopes and stealing folks's money. I see Bitcoin collapsing to under $1,000. Sorry, just my sense.

  3. Who is working on Bitcoin? When will they make Bitcoin faster and cheaper to send ? What will happen to Bitcoin when the miners in China stop mining because it's too expensive?

  4. Long term investment? When people say that they haven't researched geopolitical news. The global economy is on the edge of collapse. When its does its everything this time. Stocks, currencies, treasuries, housing, student debt are just a few to pop. Then bail-in laws that they passed in November 2014 will kick in. That means they take your bank accounts, safety deposits, pensions, retirements or anything that you got to make the banks solvent again. When we hit hyperinflation you will lose money unless you go into cryptos as a hedge which is the trap. Cryptos will skyrocket but you can transfer it into your bank account because bail-ins will take 50% or more of what you got. It will be sitting in a hardware wallet or on the crypto exchange where they will rape you again. Why you think they are saying bitcoin to $100,000 or 1 million? You are not going to get rich of this but you will be suckered into the cashless society they designed.

  5. Hey 99 awesome vid!! Excited for 2021. Have you looked into IP Exchange / IPSX? It's a peer to peer IP address rental / exchange. They are also getting into a lot of big data initiatives like storage etc. The business end of the platform is launched and they are working on the consumer to consumer end. They will also be establishing data center exchanges where they can rent a large volume of IP addresses. IP market is 80 billion dollars and grows 16% per year. IPSX is less than 1 million market cap.

  6. People are funny….when BITCOIN was 20k everyone said if it could only be 5k again and now that's its 4k they are not buying….that's just STUPIDITY at best….now I'm not rich and only started in crypto 6 months ago and I am buying as much as I can and desperately trying to get to at least 1 full BITCOIN I really want 2 so that my daughter will be well off when I'm gone and in 5 to 10 years just 1 BITCOIN will be LIFE CHANGING WEALTH and I can wait that long even 15 to 20 years would be ok so I'm with you keep buying because it's all ON SALE RIGHT NOW

  7. Hi Danny. You say that it’s a good time to buy btc but do you mean specifically btc or for the shorter term ie 2/3 years maybe a quality top 10 altcoin would give you a much greater return from their current prices and then put some of those profits back into btc?

  8. Gold. Futures introduced in '75, price spiked and then dumped until '76, at which point it started another bull run which lasted until '80, with the price roughly doubling. Might have been related to the 70s energy crisis or Nixon debacking the US dollar, but still btc could do something similar. The US dollar is currently being cut out of use in many major countries, lately Russia, so that's kind of similar to the debacking. Actually I'm surprised they haven't got together and launched their own stablecoin to replace the USD but not be controlled by any one nation, if that's possible. BTC is controlled by Chinese miners, so that's out, unless you're Chinese.

  9. Every week I buy a little crypto on coinbase (also mining Bitcoin gold and Ravencoin) then trade some of the BTC I buy for alts and just keep building my positions for a long HODL speculating much higher levels of adoption and real world use by 2030.

  10. Yea but everyone knew what the internet was then and was using it. Hardly anyone I ask dosen't even know what crypto is. I still think there's a ways to go. It's so so early. I'm waiting for lower prices.

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